Daddy’s business

chapter 1

it's Ella's 18th birthday and she has been called into her fathers office. Her father is very well off. She is usually cared for by the maids and butlers around her house. She has never met her mother though. The servant opens the door the the rolls-Royce. They take the long drive and arrive at her fathers office: Cellco. A stem cell research fascility. She has never been in his office and looks curiously around like a tourists. She is led up to her fathers office by the horribly overweight receptionist. Everybody that worked there was at least 300 pounds. Waddling from A to B. She scoffed at their appearances. She was round to be a short 5'2" 135 pounds. Ella opened the door and saw her father sitting at his desk.
"Princess! So good to see you! I trust the ride in was ok?"
"I'm not your client, or stockholder. I'm your goddamn daughter. Talk to me like it!" She demanded.
He was taken aback by her assertiveness and apologized out of intimidation.
"Well I'll get right to it. Now that you are 18, you can work in my company."
"No thanks dad, I don't need your charity"
"I wasn't asking, Ella" he said ominously, "you have been chosen to take part in my business and the executive meeting agreed upon it, to avoid any signs of nepotism."
"Father, I said no! Now show me the door and I'll be on my way!"
The father was angry but expected this to happen. Luckily he was prepared. His bodyguards took Ella by the hand and forced her to a room where she sat and waited for about an hour. She was pissed. The doctor showed her to another room with a large chair. A young woman, maybe 22 sat next to her eagerly waiting for her.
"Hi Ella! I'm Abby! I'll be your 'special helper' have a seat her please!"
Ella reluctantly sat down in the large, Medal chair.
"What is this place? Like what kind of research do u guys do. And more importantly what will I be doing?"
"You don't know? I thought you've known your whole life! Well this makes my job harder. Do you know what Cell means in the name Cellco?
"Yeah, like cells for stem cell research?"
Oh sweetie! No no that's not it. It means Cellulite!"
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Bruinsean 5 years
You might want to be more descriptive about her size.
Rickeb 5 years
Good start.