Violets pov

chapter 1

Well, it was pretty normal. Someone waved gun in my face so I took it! I popped it into my mouth. The best multicoarse meal I ever ate was all there. Roast beef, baked potatoes, tomato soup! It was good! The blueberry, obviously was sooo rich. Sweet was an understatement. I loved it. But, the truck was, I was growing! I noticed it in my hips first. My sides expand. My thought is will this be permanent. I started to like the bubble butt that came next. It grew way outward and sagged a bit. My clothes started to feel really tight. Just as I thought everything was over, my belly shoots out. I was so embarrassed. My bellybutton was showing under my tracksuit and it started to ride up more. Everyone was watching. Soon after my crotch hits the floor. I take on more of a ball shape. My arms and legs get sucked into my torso and I can only move my hands. The sensation over my growing body is unbelievable arousing. I grow upward because my butt is getting larger. My face gets really chubby...especially my cheeks! With absolutely no control over my surrounding I embrace my new sexy body. My hands are completely inside my inflated torso and my feet barely stick out of my huge legs. My clothes are holding in for dear life. Now, I just sit there as a ball of juice; everyone is staring at me. Soo oompa-loompas just on my shoulders and dance on me. It feels weird but I like it. Something I suggest you all do is get far enough to be rolled around. It's a great feeling. My favorite part was when that would step on my vagina. It would feel amazing. The weirdest part was the tube. My mother rolled me to the entrance tube. I barely fit! My head touched the top. I barely reached the end. I was rolled into the chocolate river. I didn't fit in the boat so they had to float me into the river. My head would be submerged for minutes at a time. I gulped and gulped the chocolate. There was no reason for me to watch my figure! After all the hoopla. I was put in a huge room. There was no telling what was in my future.
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