Tubefeeding fantasy

chapter 1

I, a newly 21, college student goes into his first club as a legal drinker. Pretty awkward. However, im a pretty big boy at 6'2" 200 lbs. i asks for a drink at the bar. The bartender looks me up and down and smirks. He gives me a drink and tells me to swallow it, no questions. Being a young, naive kid, I obliged and immediately felt tipsy. I didn't want to seem like a light weight. I ordered 2 more and shot those back as well. I asked what was in it. The bartender said I would know soon enough. I stumble to the back room where I look at myself I'm the mirror and realize what a mistake this was. I try to leave but the manager prevents me. He takes me by the arm and show me to the dance floor. A suspicious tube lower down. The man serving me the drink took it and shoved it in my mouth. I didn't n ow what wa going on but I saw a liquid coming to my throat. It hesitated but eventually forced its way down my throat. Is was a thick, sweet, savory cream liquid. I swallowed more and more. The people around me danced around me as I began to swell. I looked at me belly as it started to make my shirt tighter and tighter. It finally came off the reveal huge man titties. Stretch marks crawled up my tummy. As my belt looks like it will pop any second I gulp to make the time come quicker. With an aqqeesskve POP the people cheered. As I sober up, I see the people resemble more of a tribe of minions.y moobs have expanded to a ZZZ. My legs expand also. They turn into logs very quickly. My ankle fat covers my loafers and my thighs droop down to my calves. The huge, cellulite ridden thighs come with a huge, juicy ass. i try to wave it back and forth. A huge weight is sudden and devastating. I fall back and my ass is as tall as I am. The minions cheer as I have reached immobility. I continue to expand. My ass cheeks are as big as wrecking balls and my boobs are still perky. The areolas are as big as the whole tit. I grab them and massage the nipple. It makes me horny. The gaining is good enough. The orgasms given my the minions jerking me off and climbing on my enormous backside put me to sleep. I awake in a new room. It is quieter and I'm bigger. I find it is now 3am. I'm sober and find myself yearning for the hose again. They refuse to give it to me. I look down at everyone else. My titanic ass has risen me off the ground. I ask what is going on and the drink-master comes forth. He is turning me into a huge ice cream dish. I am confused. I won't be eaten but looked at my everybody. A minion with a large can of whip cream comes and covers my moobs with it. I look like a stripper. They also drizzle chocolate sauce all over me and a cherry on my head. They all try to get off my huge belly. My neck is buried in a crest of neck fat and it's hard to look around. I imagine I'm beautiful. I remain in this embarrassing manor for the rest of the day. People come and look at my amazing, naked glory. They give me sedatives through the hose again. I wake up the next day much less fat. Tons of extra skin in everywhere. I take myself home, get a good night sleep and return the following night. I ask the bartender to get me the same thing. He comes with a tray of the same drink, a weight gain aid and appetite enhancing drink. I swallow 6 and grab the hose my self. I lay this time as the weight goes on top of me this time. The next several weeks are spent gaining and losing. A life full of pleasure.
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