Bills new look

Chapter 1

Rebecca drained the last drop of her favourite coffee and tossed the residue over the deck railing of her mountain estate. It was cold. She pulled her robe tighter around her lean, athletic body and moved inside, smiling at the sensation of the expensive fabric against her skin. He will be coming out of ‘it’ in an hour or so, she thought. It had been well over a month since she started with him. Bill was a perfect partner, delightful. Sharp sense of humour and he had a spark. More than that, he was the perfect size and age...and desire. He was mature but not so much that his skin had lost its elasticity. He was perfectly shaped, muscular where it counted and in the right spots. Most of all he had the desire...and the need, to be fattened.

Walking to her hidden room she moved though the door quickly before any drafts could slip in. The room was darkened and warm, almost to body temperature. A dim spotlight lit a low table in the centre of the room. On it was her dear house guest. He was face down on a carefully padded and heated, leather-covered gurney, of her own invention....he was drugged, yet half aware. He had a small tube running from a small, warmed tank running down between his slightly parted lips and carefully down his throat, ending deep his gently swelling belly. He was naked, but draped with soft woven cloth.

As she got to know Bill, Rebecca had begun to care for him and wanted him happy, so she was doing the best job she knew how. A big part of making him comfortable was her feeding table. The cleverness of it was the opening for his dropped through unfettered, gravity helping her shape it into it’s deliciously convex form, to stretch to it's fullest without any restraint. But to get him onto the table she had to help him. Stretching forward, he’d swung his small belly over the lip of the opening. She had smiled as he leaned over the hole, noticing his gut was soft like a deflated balloon. Not for long she thought. She helped him straddle the table and, as he lowered himself, gently guided his belly through the opening in the table top. Rebecca had taken advantage of the opportunity to place her hands on this soon-to-be engorged gut, massaging the slack skin in gentle circles. He began moaning softly in pleasure.

Rebecca then wheeled over the feeding pumps and gently eased the tubes down his throat. "Get ready, baby, open wide and sweet dreams!" she said as she pressed the start button. They both watched as the drugged liquid slid down the tube and into his empty stomach. They had agreed. He would feel no pain, the barest awareness....and no discomfort, only the ecstasy of being filled and fattened without end. She could guarantee him the finest, because while her knowledge of foods and chemicals had made her wealthy beyond her wildest dreams, her skills in the application of special nourishments was unequalled. She knew exactly what she was doing and was excited by the opportunity.

Taking her robe off, Sarah knelt next to the gurney, marvelling at his growth in the weeks he had been here. Today, as per their agreement, she would allow him to come to and decide how far to go next. It was all up to him. She looked at him with pride. He was amazing. He was definitely fatter than he had ever been before! His belly hung below the gurney in a deep, pendulous arc. She reached under and massaged his soft flab, and noted the earlier trouble spots...where his fat had not grown equally and symmetrically...were now clear and smoothed out beautifully. It was a technique she had developed on herself, absentmindedly stroked her soft, full breasts and it was simple. She had to merely vibra-massage the areas at specific intervals to stimulate blood flow there. Her specially tailored nutrients circulating through Bill’s blood stream did the rest. And while she was very pleased with her own results, her technique worked even more spectacularly on Bill. In fact today was the fullest and roundest she had ever felt him. The sensation of stroking his swollen gut was fantastic. She hoped that he would decide to continue, to stretch his belly until it touched the floor. It was an incredible turn on for her watching gallon after gallon flow into him, and with every ounce his belly grew, stretching further and further, swelling like a soft silky bag.

She knew it thrilled him too. Special times during his fattening she would place a mirror into position so in his brief moments of awareness he could see how his belly looked as it expanded through the opening. From above, he would watch as she stroked his belly, both of them marvelling at the size and texture of it.

Realizing he would be waking shortly, she pulled back the soft drape from his naked form and began to deep massage his neck, back and shoulder muscles. She kneaded and massaged his still muscular butt cheeks. She could tell he was starting to come around. Time for one last exhilaration, and one she knew he enjoyed immensely.

Gently she slid her hands beneath his swollen stomach and underbelly. Pulling and massaging his distended gut with one hand, she gently reached between his legs with the other hand and, coated with a warm lubricant, began to stroke his rapidly swelling cock. She ached to straddle him herself, but that would come later, if he wanted. Suddenly he exploded under her hands in a violent temblor, spasming with an orgasm that raced through his fattened body like an electrical shock, the huge mass of his belly quivering and swaying like a pendulum.

He was awakening. She smiled to herself as her small hands kneaded his stomach again. She again enjoyed its weight as it swung downwards, swollen to a size she knew he had never before imagined. Yes, he was awakening. Her hands cradled his distended stomach, not quite supporting it, loving the feel of it, imagining how it would feel larger. The thought of it gave her a delightful twinge. Then Bill awoke completely and smiled at her.
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FrecherTyp 7 years
very sexy very erotic very tempting ;-)^^
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Can't believe I don't have a comment here already. This is the ultimate weight-gain erotic story! Wow!
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh my sorry that i never comment on this gem....

such a hot story .-) and it´s so perfect that she is a fitness trainer gaining a bit in the end too, and she is so sweet ....that´s really some lovely characters ^^ iw ould love to meet that rebecca for real haha but who not in here ^^
Psyman 16 years
Oh Wow! This is fantastic! ME NEXT!
16 years
I'm totally inspired! No-one else could have given me a better insight into these subjects than you 've done it through your individual kind of writing. This story is - as almost all your stories - very inducing!
17 years
As a slim woman, I LOVE your story.