Black magic

chapter 1

Its summer and Brittney is 17 years old and is coming home from her shift at McDonalds. Her parents are out of town for the summer on their anniversary so she would be home alone. For 17 years old Brittney is pretty big at 340 pounds of fat. As she is pulling out of the parking lot for McDonalds her belly growls loudly at her. She goes next door to sonic and orders a footlong chili cheese dog, bacon burger, cheesy tots, and large oreo chocolate shake. She sits in the parking lot and begins to eat her food. Brittney is a bit of a slob her car is filled with empty boxes of food, wrappers, crumbs, etc but she doesn't care as long as her belly is kept full. As she begins to eat her food she unbuttons her pants and lets her massive belly spill out as it pushes on the steering wheel a bit. She begins to eat the footlong chili cheese dog sexually and it turns her on and knowing other people outside are watching her eat like a pig turns her on also. After half an hour when she finishes eating she burps and begins to drive to Walmart for some ice cream she is craving. She drives as she rubs her satisfied belly her friend Summer calls her.
Summer-"Hey bitch what you doing?"
Brittney-"Just finished eating at sonic and heading to Walmart for some ice cream wanna join me?"
Summer-"Sure I'm on my way! See you soon fatty!"
Summer has been Brittneys bff since jr. high and they both have put on a ton of weight together discovering feedees and realizes they both were one they been hitting the junk food hard. Right as Brittney pulls up to a spot Summer pulls up right next to her. Both girls get out of their cars and Brittney forgets that her belly is hanging out till Summer who is 312 pounds waddles over wearing just a Batman tank top which looked more like a bra, short blue jeans that show off the bottom of her butt cheeks, and her belly is stuffed into them she isn't wearing a bra and her green thong is hanging out the back of her shorts like a whales tale.
Summer-"Damn girl look at that gut its so big!" She jiggles it heavily and both girls moan.
Brittney-"Wanna help me stuff it back in my pants?"
Summer-"Sure it be fun to try hahaha" So Summer grabs a hold of Brittney's pants and start to pull up on them while Brittney tries to stuff her belly back into them. They had to stop many times and catch their breath but after a while they finally got her belly in but they weren't able to get her button or zipper up.
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