Body snatcher

  By Twigzybird

Chapter 1 - the end of the beginning

Patience is a virtue, especially when plotting revenge. Playing the long game makes your reward that much sweeter. And my reward has been sweet as sugar.

I walk towards the room at the end of the hall and start unlocking the multiple hatches on the door with the key on my necklace. Each heavy shift of gears sends a tremble through my entire body. I haven't been down here in over a month and I ache to see my handiwork. My masterpiece. I turn the handle slowly, artificially building the suspense for a few more seconds before eventually stepping in.

The air in the room has a lingering dampness to it. The smell of old sweat and food makes me queasy, yet excites me in incredible ways. I trace my hand up the wall to light switch, slowly sliding the dimmer up until a sunset-esque glow fills the space around me. The golden illumination twinkles romantically as my reward comes into full view.

What lays before me is truly a work of art. A priceless gem on par with the Venus de Milo or Michelangelo's Pieta. Yet, while those statues were chiseled out of marble, my creation was not nearly as solid. Anyone can make a statue out of marble or granite or clay, but it takes a true master craftsman to make one out of living tissue. To make one out of fat. And I my friend, am a master craftsman.

I admire my work from a distance, taking in the pure size of it. When one of my servants told me that our goal had finally been reached, I almost didn't believe it. But now, after taking in the sight of this behemoth before me and reading the number on the scale, I can't help but accept it as gospel. Bare, creamy flesh inching its way closer to the ceiling with every labored swallow. A frame so wide it oozes over its pedestal of a queen-sized mattress to droop down mere centimeters from the floor. Massive, sagging breasts that eclipse the size of my torso. Limbs rendered useless as they now resemble parodies of the human form, buried under countless pounds of adipose.

I move closer, feeling the warmth of excessive body heat radiating off my victim. I push my hand into her swollen hip, sinking deep into her sweat-coated flesh. No bone, no muscle tone; no matter how far I went. Just jiggling, yielding, plump, heavy, cellulite-riddled fat. I slap it a few times, watching the waves ripple through her like a pebble in a lake. Each wet slap makes my knees quake, as I feel just how soft and squishy she's become. And it only took me a couple years to pull off.

I make my way towards the end of her mammoth gut. It dangles down over the foot of the bed, completely obscuring her meaty calves and thighs. Her obscenely bloated feet can be seen sticking out slightly from beneath the blanket of lard that is her stomach. I try to lift her flab up with minimal success. It's just too heavy and viscous to get a proper hold on. I then climb up it, getting a jumping start as I belly flop onto the floatation device I've turned her into. I crawl across the vast plain until I reach her pudgy, piggy face. I spread my long legs as wide as possible in an attempt to straddle her massive chest. When that doesn't work, I simply swing them around her well-padded shoulders, feeling her multiple chins press against my thighs. I grab a hold of the tube in her mouth and pull it out, letting processed foodstuffs pour over her face before tossing it aside.

Her eyes finally open. They have a dazed, glassy look to them as she tries to focus on me. "Hi there honey. Remember me? It's Chrissy. You've done such a good job of blowing up for me. Look how big you've grown", I say in the most patronizing way possible. "You're gonna be going away now for a long time. And you'll get to keep growing forever and ever. But don't worry about the life you'll be leaving behind. No one even knows you've been missing the past two years. I made sure of that".

Then I changed my tone to one of venom-filled rage, "Now I get to live the life you took away from me and you get to rot away in the hellhole you locked me away in for a decade. I get to be the new you and you get to be the new me, except I never weighed 1,000 lbs like you do. No one will ever believe you were a supermodel. Now you're just my big, fat piggy", I paused and kissed her deeply, my tongue tasting the unique food and drug cocktail I've been pumping into her since I stopped feeding her by hand.

"Enjoy the loony-bin sis".

And with that, I dismounted; sliding down one of her long-hanging, stretch-marked breasts. I could hear her crying and wailing behind me until she ran out of breath, which didn't take that long admittedly. I closed the door behind me and made the call to my friend at the insane asylum so they could finally transfer her out of her, no, MY house.

I had finally done it. I got my long-waited revenge on my b*tch of a twin sister. I pulled off the perfect crime. But as you know, it's not the destination that's most important. It's the journey. So now that I've succeeded in my goal, I'd like to share with you the details and events that led to this grand finale, if you care to hear them of course.

Shall we begin?
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Kai512 11 months
I Hope you continue this! It’s incredible!!
Girlcrisis 7 years
Just gets better. Darkly funny and cruel. Kind of reminds me of Pretty Little Liars if it was filtered through some demented weight gain prism. Big Fat Liars?
Biddygal 8 years
yummy. more please?
Womansbellyl... 8 years
Keep going, it's getting interesting
Girlcrisis 8 years
Love this. Nice fresh take on the usual kidnapped and fattened stories.
Nok 8 years
Great premise, nice complexity, and love the potential relational dynamics, vengeful twin and manipulatable feeder in one big piece of creamy goodness.
Doggy375 8 years
I hope that she turns into a fat elephant or polar bear!
JM Ross 8 years
Yes. Well written. The first chapter works to stimulate interest. Keep up the good work. JM
Right 8 years
Yes, please!
Fatlilboy 8 years
Oh my......OMG.....Holy FAT!! Keep this going. It's an AMAZING start