Hoity toity

Chapter 1 - clocking out

I sat anxiously in my office, fidgeting like mad in my chair. I did everything I could to pass the time: paperwork, solitaire, twiddling my thumbs, but nothing helped. I looked at the clock, 9:56; just four more minutes. It'd been sitting here waiting for an hour and I couldn't stand it. My skin felt hot and clammy. My head started to pound as my stomach grumbled in anticipation, desperately wanting to be filled. It's like it knew how close it was to getting what it wanted.

I loosen the straining buttons on my blazer and start rubbing my aching tummy. It's so soft now. These last several weeks have had a drastic affect on my body. I bulged out of all my nicely tailored suits. Everything is tight. I know the people around the office have noticed. I've overheard them talking about me, how fat I'm getting. But I can't help it. Ever since I discovered this new lifestyle, I can't seem to stop. My new habit is starting to consume me. I've gained a ton of weight, I've grown lazy and unfocused. My life is starting to spiral out of control and I can barely put up a fight.

My name is Brianna. I'm a junior partner at one of the top law firms in the country, and I'm an addict.

A hear a knock on my door and try to straighten myself up. "Come in", I shout across the room.

My assistant comes in and asks if I need anything else for the night before she went home. I told her no and looked at the clock again; 9:59. I tell her to have a good night and grab my things before heading out. As I walk into the hallway, I hear a couple snickers coming from the interns by the water color. I suddenly remember that I forgot to button up my jacket; leaving my excessively generous muffintop on display for all to see. I decide that trying to button it while they're looking would only be more embarrassing, so I just quicken my pace and head straight for the exit.

I make it to the elevator and close the door before anyone else can join me. Then I try to button up my jacket again just in case I run into anyone else on my way down. I can't. The jacket is too tight across my stomach. I pull and pull, but still no budge. I don't know what I was expecting. The same thing happened this morning when I first put it on. I leaned back against the wall and sucked in hard, forcing all of the air out of my belly balloon, and pulled the ends with all my might. Even with all that effort, I still barely got it to close. Just as I was about the breath out, the elevator stopped and I heard a familiar ding.

Two young lawyers from my firm stepped on. They nodded to me and continued the conversation they were having before. I just quietly stood in the back, belly still concave, and tried my best to not draw attention to myself. Holding my breath was making me a little light-headed. The ride lasted about twenty seconds or so before they got off on the first floor. Luckily, I was getting off on the garage level, since I had my own parking space down there. They waved back to me and I smiled. As soon as the door closed behind them, I collapsed to the floor. My stomach bursts forward into my lap as I gasped for air. In the midst of my heaving, I failed to realize that the sudden flood of flesh into my too-tight blazer caused a button to pop off. I made it to the ground floor but continued sitting on my newly-ample rear for a few more seconds as I tried to catch my breath. Not only did I have to recompose myself from the lack of oxygen, but from the feeling it all gave me. Having to hold in my belly from fear of two strangers making fun of me was such a turn on. The darker part of my mind desperately wanted them to stay on a little bit longer; to see what a fat pig I was becoming, but my rational side and good timing prevented that from happening.

I finally heaved myself up and reopened the door, which had closed while I was waiting. I quickly made my way to my car and jumped inside. I threw all my stuff into the passenger seat and started it up. I peeled out of the underground lot and made my way to my destination. I could feel the hunger growing inside me. Tonight, I was going to indulge in the fantasy that was slowly ruining my life. I couldn't wait.
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Nok 4 years
Wish these old stories got recycled to the front page more often. Great writing.
Badhansel 8 years
You are one hell of a writer - well done!
Tommmy 8 years
WONDERFUL STORY ,!! You're a very talented author !!! Please please please continue it soon and often !
Jazzman 8 years
Don't end it here please. Get her to 300 and apply for her job back neatly dressed and threatening to sue them if they don't over Fat Discriminating! smiley
Great Story!
Rawrbaby 8 years
Absolutely amazing. holy crap, you must continue this! We need many many more chapters! Don't stop, this is literally amazing!
FATron 8 years
The best on Fantasy Feeder, honestly.
Doggy375 8 years
I hope that she eats so much that she'll be turning into a Polar Bear or an elephant!
LoraDayton 8 years
This is WONDERFUL. I wish I could be more articulate at the moment.
TheDemolitio... 8 years
You write incredibly well. Keep at this story. There is a lot of potential here. X-)
FATron 8 years
Godlike, quite frankly.
CrowsEye 8 years
You are the best at this. I am going to keep an eye out for your stuff, for sure.
Jazzman 8 years
Beyond Hot. Masterfully executed.
FeedHerFat 8 years
......(speechless) so erotic!
BigFA 8 years
This is incredibly hot. What a turn on. Please continue the story.
Teasesfatties 8 years
holy shit. That's beautifully written.
Ikr 8 years
Very well written. Bravo!
Jazzman 8 years
Amazing. What a sense of intoxicating mystery in these first two chapters. Cannot wait for More.
Dreambig 8 years
oh please, please continue this story!
QuebecFA 8 years
I LOVE this story! I can't wait to read what's in store for Brianna! :-)
Rubarbstreet 8 years
This is a great start. Wouldn't mind reading where this goes!
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