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chapter 1

Have you ever met someone and thought “I would love to make them fatter”? Well that’s how I felt about Sasha from the moment I first laid eyes on her. I knew she was exactly what I was looking for. The two of us hit it off pretty quickly. She was a waitress at my restaurant, so we got a lot of face time together. She was slim, but I noticed her appetite early on. Always sneaking some fries or taking advantage of our generous “Employees Eat Free” policy. It didn’t bother me at all. I loved watching her eat.

Of course all that food comes with a price. Within three weeks I noticed a slight bulge around her midsection under her uniform. Nothing major, but enough to show some real potential. Since we had gotten to know each other pretty well, I started inviting her to have lunch with me in my office. Think it made some of the other employees jealous, but she didn’t care. She told me she never worried about what other people thought of her, all while making quick work of a cheeseburger on the opposite end of my desk, little drops of grease and mayonnaise at the corners of her mouth.

This would be put to the test more and more the longer she worked for me. Since we started having lunch together, I always tried to get her to try new things she wouldn’t usually order. Fries became cheese fries. Cheeseburgers became bacon cheeseburgers, then double bacon cheeseburgers. Water became soda. A side of onion rings or fried pickles. And always some dessert. Maybe it’s because I was her boss and she didn’t want to upset me, but she never refused a single thing I brought her, no matter how full she was. Every lunch ended the same way; her leaning back in her chair, stomach swollen against her shirt on the verge of a food coma. It got harder for her to return right to work as the meals got bigger, so I extended her lunch break a half hour so she could sleep off some of the glut. While she slept, it was easy to examine the damage weeks of being packed with greasy bar food had taken on her body. Her belly pooched our a little more each time it seemed, slowly starting to creep over her waistband. The fact she had to keep her shirt tucked in only made it more obvious. She started using less holes on her belt, as it dug into the invading flesh from up north. With a closer look, I noticed her button had been undone underneath it, probably unable to clasp in that morning, with the zipper not fully making its way up. She hadn’t requested a new uniform yet since she started and it was becoming increasingly less adequate at containing her growing body.

We continued on like this for a couple of months. I started making some changes to her schedule to allow her to spend more time in my office. I told her it was simply because I enjoyed her company. She went along with it. The day would start with her working on the floor like a regular waitress and then she’d transition into my “assistant” after her lunch break. My job was fairly simple to do on my own, so her duties mostly pertained to eating, sleeping and playing the occasional game of cards with me. It was better this way, as her talents as a waitress began to slip. Her stuffings left her lethargic and in a mental haze for the rest of the day. She was sloppy and couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of the dinner rush. She didn’t seem to mind, much preferring to sleep on my futon than do any actual work. I always made sure to send her home with some extra food after close.

The thin, bubbly girl who started working here was no more. Five months after our new arrangement, she had already grown out of the larger uniform I got for her and was on the verge of doing it again. She’d grown lazy and less animated. By this point, I had taken her off the floor all together. She started her shift in my office and didn’t leave until it was time to punch out. I told her since she was no longer a waitress, that she didn’t need to keep wearing her uniform. She blushed, telling me that none of her other clothes fit anymore. I offered to take her shopping for a new wardrobe and she gleefully accepted, wrapping her doughy arms around my shoulders for a hug, chubby belly and tits pressed hard up against me. This was the first time I felt her flabby body, but it wouldn’t be the last.
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Karenjenk 3 years
Dark ending
i like dark endings... and beginnings ha ha