Binding vows

Chapter 1 - the wedding night

Ugh, my stomach. I ate way too much last night. I try to slip from underneath the sheets only to push aside the empty plates currently covering the bed. I sit up, belly still swollen from the night before. I've never eaten that much in my life. So much cake. I see a man walk out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Who was he? Shaking the fog out of my brain from my food coma, I remember where I am, who he was, and what exactly happened last night. I was in a hotel room, the honeymoon suite to be exact. The man emerging from the shower was named Jin Watanabe, a dashing millionaire playboy. And I had stuffed myself with wedding cake. My wedding cake. It was all coming back to me now; arranged marriage, lavish wedding, and a very strange wedding night that would change my life forever.

Jin seemed like a totally normal guy yesterday. Sure, maybe a little socially awkward, but most geniuses are. If you asked me about this marriage twelve hours ago, I would've said I won the jackpot. Now I know that's incorrect. Because when I went to my bedroom after the reception, I was expecting a night of hot sex with a super stud. You can probably guess I didn't get that.

I went up to the room before him, changing from of my gaudy gown into a sinful little set of red lingerie. It showed off all my best assets; my lovely c-cups, my tight yet round ass, my long slender legs. I let my hair down over my shoulders, removed the pounds of geisha makeup from my face, settling from some light lipstick and eyeliner. I admired myself in the mirror, proud of how good I looked. Way too good for the crappy TV movies I've been making my the last few years in LA. The best thing about this marriage was the money, which I desperately needed. My dreams of being an actress weren't shaping up the way I hoped. I was 30, broke, and getting no call backs despite hundreds of auditions. Guess I was getting too old for Bikini Babes vs. Super Gator III (even after starring in the first two movie). So when my mother told me that she'd found a suitor who wasn't a total creep, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean, how could I not? Young, charming, and super stupid rich. I never considered myself a gold digger, but I didn't really have much choice at this point.

I heard him fumbling about the room, but continued to stall for my grand entrance (I am an actress after all). I heard the door open again and I could hear a couple guys come into the room. I threw on a bathrobe just in case, but they left soon after. When I knew he was alone, I called out to him, saying "Ready for a midnight snack, big boy?"

Imagine my surprise when I saw the remaining half of our wedding cake from the reception sitting in front of the tv, with plate after plate covering the counter behind him. He looked up to me and said "Are you?"

Seeing my obvious confusion, he sat me down and explained his entire plan for our marriage. He had seen me on tv and thought I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I was flattered by that part. He then told me that he became obsessed and started looking up all this stuff about my life, watching all my movies, stalking my social media; all that super fan stuff. One day he read an interview of mine where I said I had very traditional Japanese parents. So he sought my mother out and staged an "accidental" run-in with her at the supermarket. He used his charm to impress her and when she said she had a daughter his age that wasn't married, he quickly offered his services as a suitor. Some serious stalker sh*t. So now we get to the cake part. Turns out Jin didn't want a wife. He wanted a cow.

He wanted to fatten me up like a prized farm animal, ripe for slaughter. He said that his plan was for me to gain so much weight that I couldn't move. That I would be his perfect little pet, wholly dependent on him for my every need. It was some kind of weird sex thing, where he gets turned on by the thought of me being buried under a mountain of my own jelly rolls; being noting but a big a flabby blob. What a freak. As you could imagine, I wasn't too happy about this. I f*cking flipped; slapped him, cursed him out, threatened to call the police; everything a rational human being would do in that situation. But he quickly reminded me of my current place in life. The fact that I had no other options. The fact that my mother would never forgive me if I left him. The fact that no one would believe me. The fact that I wasn't getting any younger and that my career was all but dead. The fact that he could just force me to be his fat slave if he wanted to. So after listening to him and realizing how helpless I was, I picked up the first slice of cake and started eating.

His baritone voice quickly shook me out of my reflection as I was forced to confront my new creep of a husband in the real world, "Good, you're awake. I hope you're hungry. I just order room service before hopping in the shower, so it should be here any minute now." He walked over to me, kissed my forehead and poked my belly, making my skin crawl, "You've got a long way to go until you're big enough for me darling".
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