Bulking up steph

chapter 1- second place

“Alright! You’re on in five ladies! Showtime!” An enthusiastic voice rang out to the women preparing for their turn in front of the eyes of the judges.

Not far across the stage, beyond the large maroon curtain, an overflowing crowd simmered in their seats in murmuring anticipation. They had certainly paid a good price to view the competition, but the expense they paid was nothing compared to the sacrifice the competitors willingly chose to endure. And for what? A moment in the spotlight? A chance at momentary celebrity? Perhaps to prove something? Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter anymore, the Steel City Bikini Competition was about to begin.

“Oh my gawd Shaun.. I think I’m gonna faint..” One particularly anxious competitor bellowed to her bodybuilder of a trainer.

“Steph, it’s just nerves. You are gonna do great. Give me a deep breath.” Shaun said, wrapping his strong hands around Steph’s shoulders and giving her a light massage. She twitched at Shaun’s touch, but quickly relaxed. Somehow, she felt so small when Shaun wrapped his hands around her. His assertive touch, broad-shouldered appearance and rock-hard dedication to her competition goals inspired her more than he knew.

As Steph exhaled she could feel some more tension being relieved, “My stomach’s eating itself.. I’m so hungry..”

“You can go as ham as you want on your post-show cheat meal,” Shaun said, “like you always do fatty.”

Steph was stung by Shaun’s words. She didn’t look fat, did she?? He was probably just saying that because of the last time she had a cheat meal after a competition. She’d gone to town on a family-sized portion of Thai food and ate two jumbo cookie ice cream sandwiches from the nearest gas station. She’d certainly made a pig out of herself then and she was quite certain she’d do it again after this competition no matter what Shaun thought of it. “I hope you’re happy! Now I’m craving Cinnamon Toast Crunch with whole milk, icing and tons of cream cheese, followed by waffles made from doughnuts and stuffed with Reese’s peanut butter cups.”

“Haha, oh my gosh just focus on trying your best.” Shaun reminded her, as he eyed up the definition in Steph’s butt. She had so much potential, she was still only a junior in college. Shaun had trained some pretty attractive clients in the past, but Steph was in a league of her own.

“Okay, I know-I know.. But do I look okay? I don’t look puffy anywhere right?” Steph asked. She knew she was in great shape, she just needed to hear it again from Shaun. She felt very exposed standing behind the stage in nothing but her tight blue bikini. His words of affirmation were seriously the only thing keeping Steph standing.

“Give me a spin.” Shaun said, as Steph stepped out of his sturdy arms and struck a few practiced poses.

While Steph flipped her seductively long, curly brown hair over her shoulder and gazed at him with her ocean blue eyes, there was no doubt in Shaun’s mind. Steph was the definition of sexy. Not only was her face exceptionally pretty, she had a body to match. He knew from the last two years of working with Steph that she stood at a full five feet, seven inches tall and maintained the ultimate hourglass figure. Her near constant training granted her sculpted shoulders, a small and toned waist, large and muscular glutes, and strong, defined legs. And while some ladies at the competition struggled to fill their bikini top, Steph never had that problem. Her large breasts always seemed to pop to attention. At only 130lbs, Steph sported a softer overall aesthetic than a bodybuilder for her competitions. Shaun only hoped he would get to see Steph competing in the bodybuilding category sometime in the future. Despite Steph’s frequent self-criticism, she was his best female client at putting on muscle. Even the thought of Steph with that kind of body sent blood flowing to unprofessional places.

“You don’t look puffy anywhere besides those fake tits.” Shaun grinned, as Steph blushed. Some of the nearby competitors gawked with open jaws, but Steph just jittered in embarrassment.

“I told you they are not fake!” Steph burst, as she clenched her fists downward and caused her perky rack to jiggle slightly.

“You sure? I could test that.” Shaun said, as he playfully reached both his hands toward Steph’s chest.

Steph felt a flutter of excitement pulse through her as Shaun’s muscular arms loomed closer to her bikini. Part of her longed to let Shaun’s hands explore the figure she had so strenuously crafted with him, but her better half snapped her to attention and caused her arms to wrap themselves defensively around her sizable bust. “Haha, you’ll just have to take my word for it.”

“Aaand the rumors will continue.” Shaun joked in disappointment, “Steph you are messing up your suit.”

“Woops.” Steph guiltily said, as she tried to get the suit back to the perfect positon to cover her spray tan.

“Let me help.” Shaun intervened, as his hands went toward fixing the fit of Steph’s bikini.

Steph could barely breath, she’d recoiled from his hands nearly five seconds earlier and now she was letting him fully cup her breasts to readjust her bikini. She met his eyes with a vulnerable stare, while Shaun merely winked at her before giving her tits a playful squeeze. In reaction Steph muffled an excited laugh, “Ha!”

“Wow, real after all.” Shaun commented, as he crossed his arms and enjoyed the flustered look on Steph’s face. “Still nervous?”

“Wah-what?” Steph muttered in confusion. All she could think about was how nice Shaun’s hands had felt on her.

“I thought so.” Shaun smiled.

“Showtime ladies!! Showtime! All competitors to the stage!” An enthusiastic voice rang out.

“Oh my gawd it’s time! I can’t believe this is happening. Do I look good? Do I look sexy?” Steph asked quickly, as Shaun walked just behind her to whisper in her ear.

“So sexy. If I was your boyfriend I’d jump you right now in front of all these people. Now go out there and strut your stuff, you’ll do great!” Shaun punctuated with a sporting pat of Steph’s rock-solid ass. As Steph walked out on stage, she couldn’t have felt more beautiful.
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Akwolfgrl13 4 years
Shan is such an ass hole!! Hope jolie dumps his ass
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I've just posted the last chapter of Bulking Up Steph, I hope people have enjoyed the story! I'd love to hear what people thought of it! Thanks for the support!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Whatyoutalking I'm currently writing the conclusion for Paul's Dilemma. It is about halfway done, I suspect I will be ready to post it within a weeks time. Thanks for the interest!
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Glad there is interest for this story! I'll keep trying to post chapters every other day so long as people are interested
Big Easy 4 years
Loving the start of this story! I'm a huge fan of bodybuilding, so this is right up my alley. Can't wait to see Steph get fat again, and perhaps see Joline become a bodybuilder?
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