Buying into the fashion industry

chapter 1

Karissa always had a dream of being in the fashion industry. She wanted to go to college for fashion design but her parents forced her to get a degree in something more practical and useful in the work force. The degree of choice was business. Karissa figured if she couldn't be a fashion designer she would instead own a fashion brand.

Once she graduated college she went into the work forge working in an office building for some generic insurance company. She made sure to save her money so she could finally accomplish her dream. By the time she was 26 she had accumulated a decent amount of wealth enough that she felt she could look into acquiring a fashion brand and jump head long into the industry of her dreams. She definitely looked the part, being 5' 6" and weighing at 125. She had a pretty face, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Her body was fantastic with perky breasts and a butt that was round and toned.

She then began looking into fashion brands that were available for acquisition. many of which were no name brands or ones that were on the sever down turn. She really wanted something that she could jump into and start her career relatively quickly. The issue is the ones that intrigued her were way out of her financial capabilities. She only managed to save up $15,000 since graduating college although her credit was decent. This was nowhere near enough to purchase any business.

She sent out some feelers to the companies she were interested in. It never hurt to ask, she figured. Karissa was declined on almost all of her requests except for one. The company being Selina Hampson a high fashion brand that focuses on high end hand bags. They stated they were interested in offering partial ownership of 2% for her investment of $15,000. They requested her to visit their headquarters to continue negotiations. They agreed to meet the following week. Karissa excitedly booked her flight and hotel to get to the headquarters in NYC.

A week later Karissa arrived in NYC and was heading to the headquarters. Her excitement was palpable. She walked into the building and spoke to the receptionist and was informed to wait a couple of minutes and someone would get her. She sat down in a nearby chair and waited patiently.

Not long later she saw the elevator doors open. A zaftig woman came out and greeted her. She introduced herself as Liz, none other than the owner of the company herself. She decided to bring greet her potential future co-owner personally. Liz looked at the beauty before her and was jealous of what she saw before her. She didn't let it get the best of her and proceeded to take her upstairs to her office.

The elevator ride was a short one. during their small talk Liz was envious of Karissa. Liz had always been chubby and always had to push her weight around to get ahead in the fashion industry. Currently She was 32 weighing in at over a whopping 300 lbs. She did have a cute face and nice dark her. The rest of her was simply tremendous. The dress she wore managed to conceal much of her huge belly and huge ass. You could still see her massive pillowy arms and large breasts. She always wanted to have the body that was before her and she might have just the plan and motivation on how to attain it.

They finally arrived in the office and Liz motioned Karissa to sit down, while she proceeded to sit behind her desk. Liz began to bring up her proposal and quickly gave it another read through.

Liz began to state.
- Karissa, your offer is very low but we feel that is a good starter investment into our company. We would like to start working out terms for the long term and see if you can be a solid co-owner. Generally we look for a yearly investment on your end and we will increase your ownership stake. Would you be able to make an investment of $20000 next year for another 2%?

Karissa nervously begins to answer her.
- It took me 5 years to accumulate the money I am offering now. I can certainly try but I can't guarantee that I will have that amount a year from now.

Liz had her where she wanted her and started to bring up an interesting idea.
- I see.... I do have an interesting proposal for you that is quite unique. You see Karissa, I have always been a heavier woman and have always longed to be thin. I have always wanted to lose the weight but never had the motivation nor the encouragement to do so. Suppose instead of you making financial investments, you help me lose some weight. What do you think?

Karissa was quite taken aback and confused. She did want to get into the industry very badly.
- I'm not a personal trainer but if it means I can own part of fashion company I will certainly do my best to help you lose weight.

LIz knew she had her where she wanted her.
- Perfect! It looks like you have the enthusiasm this company needs. Now to discuss the terms.
* You are to get me down to a trim 125 lbs
* We will be doing monthly weigh ins.
* For each pound Liz lose Karissa are to gain 2 in it's stead.
* Failure of Liz to lose weight in a monthly weigh in will incur a gain of 5 extra pounds for Karissa the following month.
* Failure of Karissa to gain weight to compensate for Liz's lost weight will result in termination of the contract. Extra pounds gain offer no bonus.
* Once Liz is down to 125 lbs Karissa will receive full ownership of the business.

Karissa was stunned and confused. She thought she didn't want to gain weight but this was an opportunity of a life time.
- That is an extreme proposal although full ownership of a fashion company has always been a dream of mine. I also really can't make the initial financial demands. If this is my way to owning a fashion company then I will gladly accept your terms.

Liz couldn't believe it would be that easy.
- Great! I will get the contract created right away. First I need our beginning weights so we can track our progress and make sure the terms are legitimate.

Liz motioned her out the door and they proceeded to the company gym. She went over to the scale and stepped on it. She weighed in at a massive 325 lbs at 5' 8". It amazed her how much she packed on since her last weigh in. Liz took a note of the weight and told Karissa to jump on the scale.

Karissa's head was reeling. She was too excited, nervous, and confused to the math on how much weight she would be gaining in this deal. The scale read out a trim 125 lbs at 5' 6" just as expected. Liz wrote the number down and directed Karissa to got back to the office.

Liz was ecstatic inputting the terms into the contract and printed it up for Karissa to sign. Once printed she put in front of Karissa who then hastily signed it. She literally signed away her toned beautiful body. From now on she would be ensuring Liz was eating healthy and working out all while she would be stuffing her belly full on a constant basis.

Liz took the contract and sent it over to her lawyers to make sure it was officially binding.

Liz began to speak.
- Karissa, the terms begin in a week once everything is finalized. In the meantime you should go home and pack everything up. You can use one of the lofts our company owns in a nearby apartment building until you get situated.

Karissa shook her hand and proceed to leave and took her flight back home. When she got home she packed her belongings and wanted to get back to NYC as quickly as possible to begin her career.

She arrived a few days later and got settled in as she awaited the terms to be finalized. She could not wait to finally start working in the fashion industry.

After spending a couple days in the city Liz contacted her to come into her office. Karissa came in right away eager to begin. When she arrived she was greeted by Liz and shown to her own office nearby. It was small but it was a start.

Liz Began to speak.
- From now on you will be working from here. You have three jobs. One is to make sure the company is doing well and growing within the industry. You will be working with me on looking into new opportunities and ventures. Secondly you are to encourage me to lose some of this fat I have. Thirdly you will be needing to gain weight in order to meet the terms of our agreement. How you choose to do it is up to you but from experience I can tell you lots of food and lack activity is key. the first weigh in is 30 days from now. Surely you don't want to lose this opportunity in the very first month.

With that Liz walked away and went into her office. this was going to be an interesting venture and couldn't wait to finally be thin for once in her life. The thought of seeing the skinny and sexy Karissa get huge was intoxicating. By the end of the agreement Karissa would absolutely dwarf her current weight and would make her look small in comparison. Handing over the business would definitely be worth it. Besides she has enough money that she could open a brand new fashion company of her very own.

** Chapter 2 will be coming in a few days.**
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