By the light of the moon

Chapter 1 - encounter

The office clock finally ticked past 5pm, and the phones in the call centre went on divert to the US offices. Another day had ended at the MicroCo technical support line.

"Are you coming out for a drink tonight Shannon?" Mark asked. Mark had only been working in this office for a couple of days after his training. Shannon was his mentor and had been helping her deal with difficult customers.

Shannon was quiet, kept herself to herself and never went out after work. She was also stunning, with shoulder length brunette hair, she was about 5' 6" and 130 lbs. Her figure was toned and curvy with a tight bum and C cup breasts. Mark was totally infatuated with her, not just because of her looks, but the potential he saw in her curvy hips and breasts, and had just plucked up the courage to ask.

"Not tonight, Mark, I've got a ton of chores to catch up on and my hair isn't going to wash itself."

"Not tonight eh? tomorrow perhaps?" Mark wouldn't let it drop but he was getting desperate.

"Probably not Mark" snapped Shannon. "I don't really date guys from the office, anyway it's getting late.

Shannon was getting flustered, looking at her watch. Mark could tell she wanted to get somewhere quickly.

"I really must be going" Shannon muttered as she grabbed her bag and darted for the door. Mark just stood there, watching her rear end shuffle out the door and she was gone. He glanced down and noticed her phone was still on the desk. He had a chance, he picked up the phone and ran after her. He just managed to get to the car park as she was driving out, when the weirdest thing happened. As she was driving away, the car suddenly dropped down on the drivers side. He thought she must have a puncture but she continued to drive away.

Mark could have left it there, returned her phone to the office and left for the night. But he wanted to be chivalrous and return her phone to her. She hadn't set a passcode so he went into her phone and got her home number out. He was about to ring it when he had another idea. He opened Google Maps, she had her home address set, Bingo! Ok at this point he thought he could probably get into trouble and be arrested for harassment if he went through with this. He also had a glance through the photos on the phone, just a bunch of goofy selfies and meal pictures. Boy this girl could eat, chinese buffets, massive pizzas. All the more potential if she ever did let herself get fat. In his mind he was past the point of no return. He jumped on his bike no car, no license, and followed the directions on her phone. He stopped outside her house and after only a moments hesitation knocked on the door.

A girl about the same age but about 250lbs heavier than Shannon opened the door... and froze. "Hi... is Shannon in?" Mark asked the girl. "Ah... no... sorry... she's just popped out... What do you want?" blurted the girl she was getting red in the face like she was embarrassed and starting to sweat, but given the size of her that could have just been from her getting to the door. Her face was similar to Shannon's but much rounder and her body was massive, A huge belly strained under a sweater and yoga pants showed every curve and ripple in her cellulite covered legs and bottom.

"I just... Shannon left her phone at work and I wanted to return it" Mark blurted, he was confused but quietly pleased. He was forgetting about Shannon and wanted to ask this girl out instead, she was perfect for him seeing he liked larger girls. He handed the phone over "Here you go"

The girl took the phone in her chubby fingers and slipped it into a pocket "Thank you, I'll make sure she gets it" replied the girl, "How did you know she lived here?"

"Sorry, I kind of looked in the phone... Bit creepy right?"

"Just a bit... I'm a little mad you just turned up here... Didn't I tell already tell you I don't... I mean Shannon doesn't like meeting people outside of work."

"Pardon?" Mark said "I've never met you, you seem unsure who's said what... Never mind I don't want to disturb you. I'll be on my way, I only live a few minutes away as it happens perhaps I'll see you around?"

"I doubt it... I'm... moving away and so is Shannon!" she turned and slammed the door. Mark took a few steps away, nearly tripping over his bike. He looked up at the house as the big girl started to close all the curtains, scowling at him as she closed each one. She seemed really mad.

Who was this girl who suddenly seemed so afraid of him? Well I did just turn up at her friends house after getting the address out of a phone that wasn't mine, but to be moving away? Shannon hadn't said she was leaving work. Perhaps she was just over reacting. Mark picked his bike up, and headed for home. It really was only five minutes away. He got in, sat down his mind whirling. Was he going to get into trouble for last night. He kind of didn't care he couldn't stop thinking about the massive girl. If Shannon is actually at work tomorrow, if she hasn't run for the hills with her obese friend, he was going to ask about her.
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Pd500 8 years
Love this & can't wait for more!
Pd500 8 years
Liking where this is heading!!
Joyous Feeder 8 years
Intriguing set-up to your story. More please!
Pd500 8 years
Nice start!
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Great start! Looking forward to more.