Castaway 3

chapter 1

Rebecca opened the bedroom curtains to let the crisp pacific sunlight stream in and turned to watch her beloved visitor slowly waken as the sun warmed his sleeping face.

Pulling down the bedclothes hadn't woken him, only exposing his immense voluptuous form. However both the sun and her light touch on his abdomen did and he smiled sleepily at her, yawning as she pressed her fingers into his soft underbelly.

"You really have gotten bigger these last weeks," and watched him blush furiously, naked in her gaze, "very fat, very vulnerable. No reason to be shy sweet, you are magnificent."

He was a turtle on his back, sunk into her soft mattress by his weight, a slight look of shock his awareness slowly resolving as she stroked his hair and soothed him, kissing his flushed cheeks.

"Lets get you on your side, and let me help you get ready for breakfast" and smiled as his belly spilled out on the bed between them.

"You really are fatter," she whispered massaging the tender crease between his belly and pubic bulge and then up into the great sack of his lower belly and full intestines. "Just relax and let me love you." Listening to him moan as her fingers probed his soft underbelly fat she felt a familiar tingle of arousal deep inside her.

Three amazing weeks ago Sheriff Ally had come by the day after her call, now, crisp in her uniform, Jeep tires on the gravel drive announcing her official visit. Opening the front door, Rebecca watched her old friend climb down and reach for an aluminum case in the back of the jeep.

Did she want her Blakesley found? She was still torn, but knew this was the right thing to do, hugging Ally as she entered and brought her to meet her guest,

They found him sleeping, dozing in a huge overstuffed chair in the great room. His shirt open, big belly bulging out and sagging softly between his widespread thighs. Rebecca watched Ally's face when she first saw him, fully expecting and accepting her friend's glance at her, complete with narrowed eyes and a raised eyebrow.

"You sure you want somebody to claim him," Ally whispered, reading her mind "he's huge isn't he...just your type. But if you ask me I think he'd be a real knockout if he lost that belly...but then you always got weak kneed for the fat ones."

"All right, all know my M.O. so what? And I didn't ask you. To each his own...I don't rag you about that empty-headed muscle bound blonde I see you with. So get out your secret decoder kit and get to work," she said smiling "you're wasting my tax dollars."

That was three weeks ago, with only two calls from Ally, both negative.

"He's all yours Becky," Ally reported in her last phone call, "No one has responded. He's clean, not even a drivers license. Nor a passport...a mystery. It's odd my friend...very few people including clandestine governmentals and the very very wealthy can be invisible like your plump friend is. So a word to the want me to take him off your hands? I can set him up as a ward of the state. Worse thing he may shed some of that blubber you're so fond of."

"Forget it, I'll take care of him...I have the resources and more than enough room. And I'm getting to like him...he's quick and smart, well read and very funny. I haven't laughed so hard or felt so good in years. So be off with you...and tell your friend to lay off the steroids before he takes on the facial profile of a Cro-Magnon."

"Hahahaha...ok girlfriend, I promise. Call me if you need me. Bye!
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