Cece and anna

Chapter 1 - the mugging

It was a hot summer day, two mercenary girls, Cece and Anna were lazing around their couch fanning themselves with wanted flyers and newspapers. "God why does this day have to be so hot!" groans Anna in front of a fan. "Ugh i know...theres not even any work to do no ones called in" says Cece lying idle on the couch. "Hey why do you always hog the fan!" bickers cece as she starts to lie on top of Anna. Anna was a thin, fit girl, she had to be to take down the hardened criminals she does at her age. She was 16, around 5'6 and 145 lbs, alot of that was mucle though, mostly in her thighs and arm.She had sizeable breasts, they were a 40c cup, proporionate on her thin but toned body. Cece on the other hand was a bottom heavy 5'1 16 year old girl, she was very short but also very thin at about 120-125 pounds regularly. most of her weight settles in her relatively thick thighs and round ass, she was an a cup and rarely wore bras. Anna didnt mind Cece laying on her, and they both drifted to sleep. As Anna woke up she blushed at the sight of Cece on her body "she looks so cute" she thinks to herself. Brushing the thought away she gets up and goes for a midnight stroll, grabbing an energy pistol just in case. While shes walking she hears a man screaming and some gunshots, she sprints over there and sees a tall burly man getting mugged. Anna sets her gun to stun and neutralizes the mugger. "whew! are you okay?" asks Anna to the fairly attractive tall man. "thanks to you i am" he says, a hint of surprise and romance in his voice. "Say, you wouldn't by any chance want to come to my mansion down town for the summer?" asks the man. Anna is taken aback, though she hesitates she responds, "i dont know...i dont wanna leave my friends and i'm not really into, guys..." she says embarassed. The man looks down at her and says "no its fine! i wont even be there, i just . wanted to thank you by giving you access to my beach home for the summer, i mean you did save my life afterall" he says smiling. "oh, Okay! i can bring my friends though right!" she asks eagerly. "Of course! If you ever want food i have this great 3d food printer! its basically like real food!" he says cheerfully. In reality, the food maker had one huge fault, it made the food have twice the calories all the time, he didnt want Anna to know that though. "Great! When can i go?" asks Anna Excitedly. "Doors always open!" says the man handing her some keys and walking away.
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