Chantelle's shape change

chapter 1

The school bell rang. YES exclaimed Chantelle it's finally the end of the day! She went to her locker and found a piece of fudge. Thinking nothing of it she ate it. On the bus ride home suddenly her belly growled. Why am I hungry I just ate! Chantelle thought. When she got home she found some chips and when she was done she felt so full. But her parents were going to be home soon. So she hid the 3 empty bags and then watched tv. Later... MOM IS SUPPER READY YET!?! Chantelle complained. Not yet Chantelle. Her mother said. Chantelle stomach roared. Ughhh! I'm so hungry! Wait. My chocolate under my bed. After eating her stash she was still hungry but then she heard... SUPPERS READY! Chantelle raced to the table! There was burgers sauseges, and chili and fried chicken. So she took 2 burgers 5 sauseges 1 full bowl of chili and a separate plate of fried chicken. Don't you think that's a lot for one girl said her sister Chantelle ignored and ate the entire thing and 4 slices of cake for dessert. *end of chapter 1* (apparently I need 2000 letters what is this bullsh*t.) this is the first part and I am overly extatic to continue with this perpetual series. I'm jus saying this so I can upload this so I will have a few transcripts of not mine comedy 1rst the salt and pepper diner
Now there is this one story about me and my friend now my name is John and his name is also John I am not calling myself my own friend. We go to this family owned diner called the salt and pepper diner. Well they mostly cater to kids and homeless scitzophrenics. Well they have a juke box and its 7 plays for 3 dollars so we select 21 plays of tom joneses what's new pussy cat. And then we sat and waited. I don't know if you know this but what's new pussy cat it has a dip in the middle. Like guns and roses November rain. It's like hey November rains over- no it's not... There's more. So the second time what's new pussy cat comes on the immediate thought is not hey what's new pussy cat is playing again. It's WOAH what's new pussy cat is a lot longer than I remember continued in chapter 3
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Spaniard93 7 years
I donĀ“t understand anything smiley
Djfex 7 years
puh, you definitely need to learn a lot still
but still thx for sharing
I hope you'll continue to improve smiley

(keep this story for when you get older to read it again, might be funny smiley )
KylieFeedee 7 years
Yeah is she 13 or 18? If she's 18 than 93 pounds is really underweight
Sonic16 7 years
wasn't chantelle 13 before? idk if i misread
KylieFeedee 7 years
Keep going! This story has a really interesting idea.