Cheesecake and manboobs

Chapter 1 - fattened him on cheesecake

She'd fed him cheesecake all day long, delighting in how wonderfully thick his body was getting, that he'd grown such a beautifully round belly. She thought about how he was also getting softer and bigger around his chest, growing some "man-boobies".

He lay in bed waiting for her to come into the bedroom, feeling his bloated belly rise up above him, checking his chest to see, yes, it was definitely growing. He'd grown fat and soft everywhere, thanks to her. He looked down toward his round mounding belly, and realized something new.

Even his breasts were now round and soft. Where had these plumpened man-boobs come from, he wondered, pinching the flab on his chest. Oh yes, from her -- from her delicious tempting feeding and fattening of him. Now, it was his turn to feed her, he thought, to turn the tables on her appetite. He had a plate of cheesecake right beside him, just a little something to tempt her with.

As he lay there, he smeared some cheesecake across his chest, and when she saw him, she quaked inside, getting hot between her legs.

"Come and get it," he said, pushing his round belly up in the air. She got on top of him, spreading her legs around his deliciously round belly, then sliding down his tummy to sit astride his hips.

All of a sudden, she had second thoughts.

"But . . . but I don't want to get fat," she said to him, pouting sweetly.

"Then, you must not want these," he said, cupping his little man-boobs with his hands, tempting her with them and with the delicious smooth cheesecake smeared across them.

She was silent, stunned by what he was saying.

"I've grown these just for you," he continued. "Of course, you helped, feeding me all that cheesecake earlier. I just want to pay you back for all you've done for me. I love how you have turned me on and turned on my appetite. Maybe you should just let go, babe, and enjoy life a little. Come on."

She felt herself grow dizzy at his words. She wanted to say no, but she was still unable to speak or offer any resistance. Besides, he looked simply delicious, so much so that she felt she could eat him with a spoon.

He smiled and raised his left breast toward her face. "Just one little bite won't hurt."
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GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks to all of you for such sweet comments! They are as sweet as cheesecake and every bit as appreciated.
Pieter Van D 9 years
great story, thx