Chelsea's infatuation

  By Feeder862

Chapter 1 - paul's tale

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“You went on with Chelsea Collins?” asked Jimmy with interest. Of all the things his study partner had revealed today, this new information was definitely the most impressive of all.

Having admired Chelsea from afar since arriving at college, Jimmy had come to realise that as well as being incredibly attractive, this girl was also one of the smartest people on campus; correcting professors in class and showing off her wealth of knowledge whenever she spoke up. And now Jimmy was finding out that Paul had actually been on a date with her!

“What was it like?” he asked eagerly.

“It was…” Paul began unenthusiastically, “…weird.”

“Weird?” Jimmy shot back in disbelief. If he had ever scored a date with Chelsea, he’d be shouting it from the rooftops, not brushing it under the carpet. Chelsea was one of the most naturally beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes on. Her tall, almost 6’0 frame, long slender legs and perfect chest were nothing in comparison to her big, brown eyes and silky dark hair. It was fair to say that he was entirely hooked on her, with no other girl coming close to equalling Chelsea’s standard. “But she’s gorgeous!” he protested.

“Yeah, she’s pretty good looking, I’ll admit,” Paul nodded. “She sent me a message asking if I wanted to go on a second date, but I wasn’t all that keen.”

Jimmy’s mouth gaped open. “You declined?” he asked in disbelief. “Why on earth did you do that?”

“Just the things she was talking about,” Paul rambled on. “I’ve never met a girl who is so obviously going to end up as one of those big, fat women with their massive asses blocking out the light when they stand in front of a window.”

Jimmy didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t think of anything less likely to happen to Chelsea. The girl was so athletic and healthy-looking. He stared at Paul, waiting for him to elaborate.

“For starters, she ate like a pig at the restaurant; to the point where I was actually nervous that people were looking at us. Then she kept on going on about how all the women in her family ended up fat: her cousins, her aunties… She must have spent twenty minutes talking about it. It was really weird!” he explained, shaking his head in slight revulsion. “It was almost as if she actually wanted to fatten herself.” He looked Jimmy in the eyes, as if to make his point even clearer. “You know, it was as if she was actually getting excited as she talked about it!”

Not wanting Paul to think less of him, Jimmy pulled a face, as if to share in his disgust. “Yeah, that’s definitely a little creepy,” he agreed. But as he considered things in his head, he still didn’t see this as a reason for Paul not to date her. Jimmy had dated a pretty big girl in high school. They had got along in their chemistry classes and things had progressed from there. But whilst Jimmy had appreciated the girl’s larger body, she herself had not liked her shape at all. He’d lost count of the times he’d had to reassure her that she was beautiful and, in the end, the lack of body-confidence had been quite the turn off.

“Let’s just say, there’s a reason why no one has snapped her up yet!” Paul laughed.

Jimmy tried to laugh back, but his mind was whirring. If he was ever lucky enough to land a date with Chelsea, he’d be sure to show her that he couldn’t be so easily put off.
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Td0057 3 years
As always, great story. I really like the way you write. Thanks for this, and I look forward to the next story.
Feeder862 3 years
Thank you, once again, to everyone liking, commenting and following this latest story. There are five chapters yet to be published, bringing the total to twenty-one.
Jazzman 3 years
This is So Good. And although I know you have already written the whole story: I wish there would be a Jazzman 12000 calorie cake shake. Lol
Viewerr 3 years
Love this start! I can't wait until she starts outgrowing her clothes and people start to notice...
Saxplayer 3 years
This is so good so far, can’t wait to see where it goes
Ssaylleb 3 years
Very good build up, look forward to more
Hallster 3 years
Always set things up nicely 👍
Lpark435 3 years
Looking forward to reading this one, please post more.
Jazzman 3 years
Oh Wow! I am Digging the Hell out of this! I didn't even realize it was You until a moment ago!
Gloomydoomy 3 years
I'm set for this