Date with 400 pound girl

Chapter 1 - dinner dat with 400 pound girl

Dinner date with 400 pound girl.

Me i'm nervous i havent seen her in

forever. I worked with this girl but we

never really hung out.She doesn't really

go out, and she eats all

the time so i'm pretty sure she has been


When i went to pick her up she comes

waddling upto me to say hi :), omg when i

hug her i can definetley feel her belly

pushing up against me. I loved the

feeling, so i definetley just pulled her in


Shes so wide that when i wrap my

arms around her i can barley close them.

So then moments later we arrive to

dennys, everyone starts stairing i knew i

wasnt the only one beholding this beauty

I was getting nervous because i knew she

doesnt fit in most the seats and i hope

shes comfy.

Yup we got the small seats

She squeezes right in with a thick belly

roll laying on the table aha doesnt seem

to bother her so im glad.

We chat it up, and she gets a large

choclate milkshake as her drink and a big

plate of nachos and she finishes them

clean nvr complaining that shes full she

must have more room wish i ordered her


When she gets out of the seat i am

mesmorized with how much she

struggles. But she is not bothered at all it

seems shes been used to it.

Aww well im full a bit so we sit it out, and

i rub her large tummy and she pulls me

closer, curse the middle of my car its so

small and her belly like lays on all that, i

felt under her shirt a bit there is so much

rolls i love it. So wide and so beautiful.

As i'm dropping her off shes so smiling,in

In my tight seatbelt like she knows shes

Been definetley putting on a few pounds,

Cause thinking back when she was just a

Chubby girl.

As i'm curessing her before letting her go

Home. I am feeling everything

Her body is a wonderland of rolls, i can

Feel the air being pushed out of me.

She also has tripple d's. Theres a point in

the night where she puts her back against

me and when i wrap my arms around her,

her belly is lower and lower. I remember

on the way home she tells me she likes

being at home. But occasionally when its

really boring she likes going out. So im

hoping i helped her strike up a pattern of

weight gain.. with my admiration of her

body. She doesn't drive so i hope she

keeps eating at home and being a fatty

so next time i visit her i hope shes even fatter.
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