Dating a feeder

chapter 1

Anna had never had much luck with dating apps before. She was beautiful in her own sort of way, regular height and well proportioned, but she had always carried an extra 30lbs on her during college and just never seemed to attract the guys she really liked. So, once she was finally out of college, in a good job and living in her own place, Anna set about sculpting a body that would finally land her the man of her dreams.

Losing weight had been tough; a completely miserable experience of trying to continue working out when all she wanted to do was throw up; eating salads when she could see her friends tucking in to something delicious and then getting up early every morning before work to head to the gym.

There was one perk about the gym however. Zac was one of the gym instructors there. About the same age as Anna, tall, blonde with a short, fashionable haircut and the most perfect, slim, toned body Anna had ever seen; whilst his stomach was flat, his pecs bulged out, making it difficult for Anna to concentrate, but ensuring that she never missed a workout.

'Hey Anna!' Zac shouted, giving her a high five. Both of them were always the first in in the morning and it was usually Anna's favourite part of the day, watching the hot stud strut about and occasionally chatting to him. 'Looking good. How much more to your target weight?' he asked.

'Another 2lbs and I've done it!' beamed Anna.

'Great. Well done you! What do you want to do then? Maintain, tone up more?' Zac continued.

'Oh no!' Anna shot back. 'The gym is not my thing at all. I'll just be coming to maintain my weight then. It'll be nice to eat some proper food again once I'm maintaining my weight.'

He chuckled. 'Yeah, I can sort of tell it's not your thing. How come you wanted to lose weight anyway? You weren't exactly overweight before', he stated. It was the first time Zac seemed genuinely interested. Usually it was always a light conversation whilst Zac zipped around preparing the machines, but today he had stopped and was looking at Anna properly, waiting for her answer.

'Um, well, I guess I'm doing it so I can get a few more dates. Guys around here don't seem to like anyone with a bit of meat on their bones', she chuckled.

'So as soon as you get yourself a proper boyfriend, you won't be coming here every morning at 6am?' Zac chuckled.

'No way!' said Anna, emphatically. 'I'll be lying in bed, looking forward to a nice bit of fried bacon for breakfast!'

The pair of them laughed and Anna could swear she caught a soft, friendly look in Zac's eye, as if he truly saw her for the first time.

About a fortnight later, Anna stood on her scales at home. 120lbs at last! She had done it! To celebrate, Anna downloaded a dating app and set up a profile with her new body on display. Maybe, at long last, she wouldn't be a singleton to every event she had to go to.

Anna was surprised by the amount of interest she got. By lunchtime there was a healthy stack of messages in her inbox. However, one message seemed to stand out from all of the others. There was no face on the profile, but the guy had the most gorgeous body (if it was really him, Anna had to remind herself). More importantly, the guy was living close by.

The profile didn't give much away but confessed to him having a kinky side and wanting to explore this with the right girl. Anna didn't care what his kink was, she'd do any exploring with him that he wanted! And so, the pair began to exchange messages, generic and flirtatious, until Anna only used the app to communicate with the mystery stud, hoping beyond hope that the profile was real.

Finally, a couple of days later, the guy asked for Anna's face picture, sending her one in return. Anna opened the message and gasped with shock to see Zac's beautiful face staring back at her.
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Azismiss 3 years
The relationship I dream about 🥰
Karenjenk 3 years
I love the progression and descriptions. she is so alive and i can see her just giving up on the gym.
Though i wish you woiuld continue this is great as it is.
Thank you for sharing your talent!
Kane24 5 years
Hope you continue this is great!
Nok 5 years
awesome story all over, great writing and relationship, but I esp. loved ch. 9, felt so naught and real, tentative but utterly sexy
Wadegain 5 years
I’m loving this story!
Jazzman 5 years
Weight gain or regain pace is Just Right! Very Hot but also realistic. Great Story
Theswordsman 5 years
I like how serious the relationship is
Jazzman 5 years
Chapter 4 is even better.Wow what a story! And I like having just two characters.
DawnofBleach 5 years
I am incredibly hooked. You NEED to keep writing!
Jazzman 5 years
So well written.A Marvelous Story!
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Besotted.... cooool

i love this... please continue
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Please please continue!!
Pretty please???
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Yeah, this is a gorgeous set up. Good work.
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Well executed prose and character development! And such a Marvelous Plot loaded with Potential!