Drawn to scale

chapter 1: the strang shop

Hi I'm Alex and this is the beginning of my accidental journey to immobility.
"Danielle why do you always drag me to these places" I say doubting to find anything useful.
"Cmon you always find one thing you like besides I'm paying so why are you complaining" Danielle my girlfriend said with a smirk.
"Your right I guess let's split up and find something we like" I say apologizingly.
After a few hours and about a zillion shelves later I find something interesting a scale it's tiedye and has 2 screens and a number pad.
"OK let's go" I say to dd after we make our purchases.she knew I bought the scale and she never asked about it because she knew I was lying to lose weight. I just wish I knew exactly what I had purchased.

When I got home I pulled out the scale and put some new batteries in. It made a low tone and started right up, it had a strange glow to it but I thought it was to find in the dark.
I step up onto the feet outlined on the scale and wait for the numbers. On the first screen which after examination said "before" the number was 300 lbs. I has depressed about my weight so I started to step off the scale that's when I saw the after screen. Arousing my intrests I started pushing numbers thinking it would set a goal wright. I pressed 1,5,0 but instead of seeing the number 150 in after I saw 450 before I knew it I felt an odd heaviness in my stomach then a warmth spread across my body along with the heaviness. When I looked down I saw my mistake I put +1,5,0 not -1,5,0 then a white thing blocked my view that's when I realized it was my stomach. After it finally stopped I looked in the mirror what looked back was a sumo wrestler at first I was disgusted then when I started groping my rolls of soft supple fat I got aroused. Without a second thought I stepped Bach onto the scale and pressed -150 I slowly shrunk down and when I reached back to 300 I tried to go lower it wouldn't budge I guess you can't go past your original weight with that I steped off and went to bed what I didn't notice is my foot brushed pest a pew buttons "slow" +3,0,0

This is my first story and there is way more to come please give any ideas and I'll work with them.
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MangaBL 6 years
Yes!! I hope he is immobilized soon!! :-)