chapter 1

I think I dreamed again....

The room was dark. My gut throbbed with unimaginable pain. The padded surface I was on was surrounded by candles and lit by their flickering glow. My ankles and wrist restrained. Somehow I had been raised to a semi-reclining position, I could feel my great swag warm on my thighs. In the glow I could see my belly mounded in front of me, tight and round.

Then I saw you were again between my legs, watching me.

"You are awake, good. I want you to see what I've done to you. And feel how I am fattening you. You are fastened, immobile. Every gram of food you have eaten is at this moment turning to soft fat. And I love every smooth inch I am coating you with."

Kneeling you straddled me, your knees on either side of my stretched belly. I saw you were completely shaven, your womanhood glistening, your eyes heavily lidded.

From a small jar you spread a warm oil on my abdomen beneath you and then gently began to slide your center back and forth over me from my breasts to my naval, back and forth, squeezing me, massaging my packed gut.

As you rock you lean forward and grabbed my fat neck, your thumbs making slow circles in the buttersoft fat of my double chin.

For over an hour you do this, staring into my eyes, slowly rocking, your motion calculated to hasten my digestion as you massage my neck, mindless of my achingly hard arousal, only of your pleasure.

Through the fog I hear you whisper "You did a good job, you didn't fight me, you ate everything you could and then some didn't you. Yes your belly is aching, overstuffed with food but it must be so to force you to stretch it's capacity, enlarging your stomach to hold more and more. The larger your stomach is, the more you will have to eat to feel full. I'm very pleased with your progress."

This is not real, I must be dreaming....

I feel your hands sliding over my swollen round body, your fingers again coated in sweet warm oil. You touch every inch of my plump body. You lick the palms of my pudgy hands, tongueing my fingerprints and wriggling your snake tongue between my fat fingers. You lick my body from my hands up to my upper arms, slowing to inhale my scent, squeezing the yielding fat of my underarms with your fingers, lubricating my softness with oil. Your hands massage my breasts, kneading them, as if coaxing them to soften and enlarge.

"You know I need this." You whisper huskily, " I need you to become a larger, more lucious man. I need you to be my obedient glutton, a hedonistic love- buddha. I need your body to be soft and round, all your flesh pampered and fed and softened to satisfy my desires."

You squeeze my throat in your intensity, "I want you to be soft and flowing, your body a swaying water bed for me to dive into and wallow on. You MUST continue to please me by doing as I ask. You live only to please me and meet MY needs."

Smiling, almost purring you smooth your hands over my man breasts, stroking them, oiling them, tugging them with a delicious pain, bringing them to a point, then releasing, leaving my nipples erect and sensitive.

You slide your left foot over my body, rubbing me with your small exquisitely painted toes, facing me, smiling into my watering eyes.

Pulling my right breast, again squeezing it into an almost conical nipple-tipped point, you press it between your firmer, rounder breasts.

You then mount me, still grasping my breast in your hand, and slide your body against it, pivoting your body forward, raking your chest with it, forcing it into your navel, then between your stong thighs, grinnding me into you there, teasing your clit with it.

I moan with the strange sensation of my nipple being forced between your pink folds as you force your body to enfold me.

Your womanhood soaks my nipple wet with your slippery juices, and I struggle with this feeling of having my man breast sexualized, forced just far enough inside you that I can feel you clenching your vaginal muscles, massaging my soft, vulnerable aerola with your labia, your head rolling back in forbidden enjoyment.

"All of your body belongs to me, and I know you will grow even bigger for me, lover." You kneel over me and look down at your creation.

I am stretched beyond belief. Fattened, lovingly and violently violated, and fatter than ever before. My body quivers in pleasure, every square inch tingling in arousal. My wrists and ankles burning from my struggles.

You see I can hardly move, pinned beneath you by my rising and thickening flesh put there by your intense feeding. Stuffed, round and tight, skin almost transparent from my feeding, yet my lower belly flesh, while swollen and full, is soft, like lard in a silk sack.

You release my restraints and force me to sit so you can watch my immense belly crease and fold, roll upon roll like a pink spinnaker billowing out over my thick and dimpled thighs. Then smiling, you push my legs apart to watch gravity slowly pull the softened, oiled mass between them and lurch to a stop in a smooth bowl-like curve swaying between my knees.

No, this is not a dream....

The depth of my naval seems to astound you. Your fingers enter me and twist, lifting, releasing. My great abdomen suspended, the soft fat quivering in mid air then the weight returns, slick and heavy against my inner thighs. You touch me, amazed, running your hands over my vast surface. "You're almost to the floor, baby." you whisper as your palms cup the soft underside. "Just a little bit more."

Reaching farther under my belly you feel my male hardness that you know will soon belong inside you, forcing yourself apart, splitting you, filling you. I am a mass of soft oily rolls, folds and crevices so deep your entire hand disappears within. You kneel over me again and push me back against the pillows, relocking the chains and padded cuffs.

You straddle my thighs and with your head, push my belly off my throbbing cock. I gasp as the cool air hits it, then gasp again as you take me in your mouth. My hips thrust upwards toward you, you ride me like a bull, your hands digging into my upper thighs, my food swollen belly laying on your arms and head as you dine as if sampling an hors d'oevres.

Readying me.


If you like this sort of thing I have lots more here, from years back. Questions, comments, gripes welcome.

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Lizzyny 8 years
Wonderfully erotic, Bill. Nice job.
BeSoft 8 years
that's exactly what i dreamed, please keep writing!!
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh ;-) i would love to read more ^^ i found the details very enticing ^^ ans sensual