Ella's vacation

chapter 1

Ella and Jessica sit next to each other on a low class flight to the Cherry Isles. A high class vacation island with loads of luxury foods to let oneself let go. Of course this trip was going to be expensive for the girls so they cut corners on the ride. Ella's skinny 5'6 body barely 120 pounds, felt uncomfortable with her arm rests practically jabbing into her waist. Ella had an athletes hard working body with C cups breasts, firm abs and strong thin legs.
Jessica on the other hand was a bit taller at 5'9 with an hour glass figure and a small belly from the freshman 15, she weighed 144 pounds that spread to her D cup breasts and wide hips along with her massive trunk.
She and Ella just got out of college looking to take time off from the many all nighters, stress, and awful professors they've had to put up with.

After a dreadful eight hour flight the girls gladly stretched with excitement for a delicious dinner. As they waited for there luggage to arrive they peered around the airport.
Jessica leaned into Ella "looks like everyone leaving has let themselves go." She nodded towards a group of vacation goers about to board. They all looked quite plump with potbellies.
"I won't let go of my body that much, i hope they have a gym" Ella whispered back.
Another hour passed before the girls received there luggage then took a stroll towards the 'Mellow Bliss' hotel.

As they went through the entrance they were amazed at the stunning interior even a small waterfall that managed to create text directions. The girls approached the marble counter-top front desk where a tall and finely dressed young man with stylized hair stood.
"We'd like to check in, our names are Ella and Jessica." Ella spoke nervously then looking at his name tag read Adam. He quickly flipped through some papers "Ah yes, your in your 326. The elevator is to your right and here are your complementary watches." He handed the girls two golden smartwatches, the girls tried them on and it felt as expensive as the airplane they were just on. They headed to their shared room, as they entered they noticed the two beds are massive in size including a gorgeous view of the beach.

Jessica started unpacking whilst Ella started fidgeting with her watch. It had options for food delivery, drink delivery, spots to explore on the island, and oddly enough clothes delivery. Ella asked herself "Why would anyone need clothes to be delivered?" She decided to tap on drink delivery, within moments their was a knock on the door. She quickly got up surprised as to how quick the service was, She opened the door. It was another tall man wearing a suit holding a tray of cocktails "How many drinks would you like madam?
Ella shyly responded "Just two." He extended the tray towards her as she grabbed two very colorful cocktails "Umm thank you sir." He shut the door for her as Jessica snuck up behind Ella, swiftly stealing a drink from her hand then downing it in seconds. "mmm tasty, lets head to dinner i'm starving." Ella drank her cocktail, it tasted marvelous to her. Her stomach gurgled loudly "I guess we should." She spoke quite confused as to how much hungrier she got after drinking.

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Mattnagle 4 years
Please keep it going , it is nice and light ,fun to read ,thank you.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Just finished chapter 3. Great so far. I’m excited to see what happens next to these two.
Theswordsman 4 years
So far so good