Enema of the female 2

Chapter 1 - one

You have grown beautifully this month. You are only slightly full, yet the smooth unbroken curve of your belly arcs out from your chest, thick and fat.

Come sweetheart, I lead you to the edge of the bed. You notice that I have already unrolled the piece of midnight blue velvet in which I keep our sex toys, yet the one you are most interested in is not there. I watch your eyes scan the room for the promised new toy. It's in the bathroom still darling, I am keeping the water the perfect temperature. My eyes shine with excitement as I help you lean onto the bed, then support you as you slowly lower your bulk to kneel next to the bed. Legs spread to distribute your weight between your knees and the bed, back arched just slightly from the weight of your heavy abdomen. My hands tremble as I dip my fingers in the bowl of warm oil and begin to massage the pendulous sac your belly has become. Baby you have grown so big, so very big. I am shaking with lust as I fondle you, making sure that your fat is slick with oil. I love how open you are to me in this position, your whole belly is accessible to me top, sides, the sensitive underside of your apron, your manhood exposed. You have grown so fat that you can no longer reach around your belly with both hands. I shudder in pleasure with the memory of the first night you showed me how if you knelt, your belly would swing forward allowing you to reach your manhood.

Satisfied, that your belly is sufficiently slick and ready for massage, my strokes become more firm. I dig deeply into your cum muscles with one hand, reaching for your manhood with the other. The rhythm of both hands is the same, pushing deep into the underside of your belly while I stoke your manhood with my warm, slick hand. I moan as you grow hard, lengthening my strokes, becoming wet and excited as feeling you grow larger in my hand. I make you slippery with warm oil, pulling gently then pushing deep up into your pubic fat. Without letting go of your manhood, my other hand leaves your belly for a moment, reaching for the vibrator. I am rewarded by a sudden spasm in your cock as I run the vibrator along the slick, oiled skin of your sensitive underside. Waves of pleasure wash through your body as i move the vibrator along the underneath of your apron, up into the crease made by belly and body, then to the the base of your thick shaft, pressing the vibrator deep into your pubic fat as I circle your thick manhood. I alternate between probing deeply, and a lighter touch, sending ripples of miniature shock waves through your fat. Everywhere I touch sends tremors throughout your body. I can tell by your moans and the hardness of your shaft that you are getting as much pleasure from this as I. You could cum easily, but we have both been waiting for what is next. Something new, something exciting. I touch your shoulder, you open your eyes and nod, a sweet nervousness in your look.

You are so adorable, so trusting.
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BeSoft 9 years
Zaftig 11 years
Oh, my. It made my day to find this sequel. I so enjoyed the original and hoped for further installments. Lo, and behold. Thanks so much for sharing. This just... really pushes my buttons.
Fatlilboy 11 years
Love it! Anything you do, Built....always pushing the envelope. I enjoy your erotic, bdsm, narrative, out of control fattening of men!! We really have gotten to be out of control pigs and need to be punished. Punish us, Built. Punish us good and fat!
Juicy 11 years
Fabulous story, sweetheart. As always. And as for the physiology, of course it would work. Not volunteering, just sayin' smiley
Built4com4t 11 years
she figured out a way to safely and lovingly push his envelope for their mutual pleasure: wiki/Digestive_tract
Built4com4t 11 years
thanks for the comment bb. it is a real albeit illegal technique to increase the weight in pigs before slaughter. in this physically unrealistic ->FANTASY