Exceding her expectations

  By Built4com4t

Chapter 1 - exceding her expectations part one

your fingertips brush my underbelly, then gently squeeze the sides, despite its fullness watching it change shape as you hear me groan with pleasure; as you manipulate my warm flesh...rubbing vigourously ...knowing the vibrations are soothing, arousing, readying

I awaken to the the soft distracted clicking of your tongue as you press in different areas feeling firmness here, new softness there, a perceived emptiness here and here

I feel my breast fat jiggle as you probe vigorously

yes, i've gotten so fat, my belly protruding outwards disgustingly ...disgusting to anyone else but you

but not fat enough, you say, helping me to my feet and lead me back into the playroom to a low, wide padded table

you place me face down on it, my legs dangling, my head over the other side and I feel my full belly spread to either side of me, creating soft wings of fat and flesh

you spread my arms out and secure them with soft ties and I feel a familiar tube going into my mouth slipping down my throat and i groan, dreading the pressure on my already food stuffed belly. It will be uncomfortable but i swallow the tube, feeling it slowly pushed down my throat and moan again as i anticipate the coming discomfort

i struggle to shift my body, a little afraid though incredibly turned on as a gush of frothy, thick fluid begins flooding into my belly, a rich fluid almost pure fat, the heady rich scent of vanilla and chocolate and cinnamon a cloud around my head

my legs start to kick slightly as I attempt to adjust myself on the table...it is difficult, i have nothing to gain traction as i feel myself inflating, the bulk under me pushing up as i swell

you pat and probe me as my inflation continues and i feel my erection pressing into my underbelly squeezed downwards against my thighs

I moan in earnest discomfort from the steady pressure as well as my growing erection, my upper belly pushing up against my breasts, my breast fat forced against my huge double chin

You distract me, your hands stroking my inner knees. then feel my thighs thrust apart and I shudder, extremely vulnerable...this is new! what's this? my belly is so bloated now...my backside slowly forced into the air from my expansion, the fat of my thighs quivering liquidly

I sense you behind me now and i moan wanting the pressure to stop, it's becoming difficult to breathe, but you whisper wordlessly, soothing me as your hand gently strokes my backside and plump inner thighs

So very exposed and vulnerable, my scrotum turgid and swollen from my arousal i can only gurgle..,scarcely breathing...not believing the sensations I am experiencing, my abdomen hugely distending, pressure beyond belief but pleasure as well

I struggle again, but my hands are held fast, trying to roll off my inflating abdomen grunting and huffing as i wiggle side to side trying to raise my hips, trying to ease the pressure

i can feel you now kneeling between my legs, forcing my knees wider with your knees, splitting me. i squeeze you with them, trying to rise but my position is helpless, you are too strong

then your hand slides between my thighs and grasps my shaft roughly, your knuckles pushing into the bulge of underbelly fat it is pinned against. I grunt, stopping my struggle feeling a slight tug, the tug becomes a milking action...a gentle but insistent rhythmic pulling...god, i am like a fat cow being milked

as you milk me with one hand i feel my backside being inched open by something huge, warm and slick, and as tears come to my eyes I feel this something slowly twisted into my anus, your fingers spreading the soft fat of my inner cleft as you push it into me. i shudder as i feel you press it deeper and deeper, stretching me, violating me, then feel it beginning to curve ...stroking my prostate and i spasm in pleasure for the longest time before I realize it is now filling me with a heavy, warm fluid

what? I gasp as the heaviness increases, my lower intestines filling, swelling

relax baby, you whisper, take it in for me, take it all; feel yourself fill and fatten for me

you pat me on my plumping sides..and i know I want it, I want to become fatter for you and push backwards, trying to take the foreign object deeper, crying like a baby with pleasure as I feel my lower gut inflate

"you're doing so well my pig" you whisper, "feel like one, do you?"

"yes, a fattened sow ready to give birth"

"good, as we fill you like this I think you need a good milking, my sweet fat sow" you say tugging harder in a rhythm now and I shudder again, growing ever closer to my orgasm
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Lizzyny 4 years
Love this one.
Badhansel 11 years
First rate! Enjoyed it very much.
Lizzyny 11 years
You always exceed my expectations. More than wonderful...as always.
Giantjay 11 years
Brilliant! Loved it! Excellent work, now I need a moment alone smiley
Csmith 11 years
You haven't lost your touch, my dear!