chapter 1

Marie had never felt guilty about being a feeder or her love of big guys. From the moment she left for college, she took pleasure in sampling the largest and fattest guys on the dating scene, always ensuring they put on a few lbs before she moved on to the next guy. Sometimes they were aware that she had feeder tendencies, sometimes not. It didn't matter, the result was always the same; shirts that suddenly wouldn't fit and pants that he would struggle to wriggle his chubbier ass into. At 5'5 and 100lbs, Marie was the complete opposite of these men she dated; slender, well-proportioned and pretty enough to know she could have any man she wanted. People didn't understand why she went for such overweight guys, which made it all the more exciting for her.

Marie only had one equal, in her eyes, a guy named Kevin who she used to spend hours online chatting to, swapping feeder tips and stories of their escapades. Kevin seemed to understand Marie better than anyone and recognised how central feeding was to Marie's sexuality; for it was exactly how Kevin felt as well, regaling Marie of many stories of the women he had porker up in his time. Between them they had fattened, secretly or not, scores of people they had dated.

Things probably would have continued as they had forever had it not been for Kevin's new job. The two friends had never met, and probably never would have, but here was Kevin getting an incredible promotion by moving right into Marie's city. Hopefully the poor unsuspecting people of this city would be ready now there were two feeders about.

Marie let Kevin get himself settled for a couple of weeks before inviting him out to get a coffee. It was exciting to meet him at last and the pair got along just as well in person as they had online. They sat themselves in a corner of the coffee house and spent their time eyeing up the cute fat boys and girls that came in and out. It really was incredible how similarly they both thought.

Marie wasn't attracted to Kevin initially. He was nothing like the usual guys she went for, being tall and lanky, with practically no ass on him at all. Perhaps it was the fact that they used to spend so much time making each other horny talking about their shared interests that led to them sharing a lust-fuelled kiss at Marie's apartment one night; followed very quickly by an erotic trip to Marie's bedroom. After the lust wore off, the pair of them agreed that, since they weren't dating anyone, a casual relationship might work for the time being. Nothing more than casual though; they both liked their feeding hobbies too much and there were always plenty of skinny people walking about that needed their help to chunk up.

Kevin really wasn't a bad guy to be going out with. He was sweet and attentive, whilst understanding Marie more than any of her other boyfriends had. Her friends and family seemed pleased as well, her dating someone who was a normal size for a change; although why that had to matter so much annoyed Marie greatly. It felt like Kevin was really falling for her as well. Could a feeder and a feeder really work together? Kevin was the first and only skinny guy Marie had dated, but she certainly found him sexy and even looked forward to seeing his skinny little naked ass hop out of the shower.

Christmas came and went and Marie felt thoroughly pampered by Kevin who had made the time away from work really special, with great food and even better sex. The pair of them had barely left Kevin's apartment the whole time. But, by the middle of January, the normal New Year blues had set in. Marie's work pattern shifted meaning she had to work more weekends and evenings; messing up her leisure time completely. But instead of being annoyed, Kevin always looked on the bright side and tried to make the best of it, sending Marie off to work with a hearty meal and packed lunch. He really was a great cook; Marie could see how Kevin had been such a great feeder in the past.

The two lovers had been dating for about three months, when Marie suddenly started to wrestle more with her work pants. All these shifts were messing with her. She couldn't go to the gym like she used to, and when she did have her free time, she wanted to spend it with Kevin. Marie would just have to cut down a little until things became less crazy at work and she could settle back into a good gym routine.

Marie had worked a morning shift on Valentine's day and plodded her way back up to her apartment, ready to relax. Kevin was working that evening so there was nothing to get excited about. She might as well have been single for how loved-up she would be this year. However, as soon as she turned the lock in her door, the waft of delicious smells filled her nostrils and the sight of skinny Kevin standing at the door with a huge grin on his face made Marie's heart burst with delight.

'Surprise!' Kevin yelled.

'I thought you were working all night?' Marie asked, hugging her boyfriend gratefully.

'It's Valentine's day. Of course I took it off!' laughed Kevin, pleased that he had managed to keep the secret. 'Come on, I've been hard at work making you a surprise lunch. I've done all your favourites and I've got you a present' Kevin reeled off happily.

Marie walked in to her living room to see a table beautifully decorated with flowers and several sets of cutlery ready to go. Marie had never been especially romantic, but this was enough to melt even her heart. 'Are you cooking a banquet?' she asked, laughing.

'It's Valentine's day!' Kevin cheered. 'I want to spoil you! Just sit down there and let me do the rest.'

Marie didn't argue and sat herself down. What followed was the best food Marie had ever eaten. By the end of the main course, she had to take herself off to get changed out of her work clothes. She could feel them pinching her around her hips, which would put her in a bad mood if she didn't get changed now.

When Marie walked in to the bedroom she saw a present sat there on the bed, beautifully wrapped. She decided not to disturb it and set about taking off her tight work pants, when Kevin walked in to the room carrying two large chocolate Sundaes. 'Sneaking off were we?' he laughed, setting the Sundaes down and picking up the present from the bed and passing it to Marie whilst she stood there in only her bra and knickers.

'What is it?' asked Marie happily.

'Open it and see!' grinned Kevin, standing just in front of her with a huge grin on his face.

Marie tugged at the paper until she uncovered some delicate, sexy red lingerie. 'Very nice!' she said pleased. 'These look great!'

'They'll look even better on you!' Kevin smiled, moving in closer to Marie. 'They're also a size up from what you usually wear since I noticed your ass has been getting a little chunkier lately' he said, cupping his hands around Marie's ass whilst moving in to kiss her and giving it a slight jiggle.

Marie was horrified. 'No it hasn't!' she protested, knowing she was lying a little.

'Yeah it has,' smiled Kevin walking around Marie to get a better look. 'It's definitely grown' he said plainly, tapping her left buttock to watch the wobble.

Marie had never been spoken to like this before. She had never gained weight before. She had always been so skinny and she certainly resented Kevin bringing it up so casually. Even so, whether she was willing to admit it or not, she was feeling a little turned on seeing Kevin looking so pleased with himself. Kevin simply laughed it off and went back to hugging Marie sweetly. 'Don't worry about it! It's Valentine's day!' he said soothingly. 'Come try my Sundae' he continued, leading Marie on to the bed.
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Green Eyes Dose 6 years
Excellent, lets seen just how big we can get this evil fat girl. Taste of her own medicine.
Green Eyes Dose 6 years
Excellent, lets seen just how big we can get this evil fat girl. Taste of her own medicine.
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