Finish this cheesecake darling

Chapter 1 - piggy still has room

"Shhhh shhh, you've done such a good job eating for me tonight.

Such a good job.

I'm so proud of my little girl.

You ate so much for me tonight, so much food baby. I can't believe how much you were able to pack into this soft little gut you've put on. I mean look at it, you're swollen princess. I can't believe how much you had. Watching you scarf everything down turned me on to no avail, I couldn't focus on the meal. Ravenous, eating with vigor. I know you enjoyed it. I know you loved every bite. As much as you do this for me, you do it for you too, don't you? Each time that greasy burger touched your lips it was bliss, wasn't it? As your belly swelled out, I know all you wanted to do was fill it more. Because you're a glutton, kitten. Because you crave the sweet taste of food. Because your appetite is insatiable. You've tried suppressing it, actually to a fairly decent outcome as well, you've got quite the figure. Nice, soft, toned legs. Thick thighs, mind you, but that's just hereditary isn't it? Your soft, wide hips, a little wider nowadays though, huh piggy?

Here, take another bite.

************************************* ****

"Good girl, you're doing such a good job already.

I could feed this bulging tummy all night long if you could handle it. I know it gets hard some times, kitten, but you know you're not allowed to leave any leftovers. There's only a few bites left, and I know you can do it. We've fit more in this tank before, and I hate knowing there's more you could've eaten.

Look at you, belly pushed out so far, so tightly packed with food. Such a piggy, I didn't even have to ask you to get that second slice of cheesecake. I saw your eyes light up when she brought out the two slices for us (you). I know how full you were for mine, but I know you didn't any of that cheesecake wasted on me. Little did you know I was getting one for the road, huh piggy? Thought you'd get away with a full belly and a tummy rub at home did ya? Open up.

That's my girl, keep chewing

*********************************** ******

Goodness you're getting so full!

Good girl. What's been happening to you, lovey? You used to such a thin girl. Shhh you're still thin, don't worry, if you consider this big pudgy belly thin. Such soft facial features. High cheekbones, deep blue eyes, and such soft silky blonde hair, you really are a charmer. Such a big appetite for such a beautiful girl. What would all your friends think, if they saw you right now? If they saw their swollen roommate tied up and being fed cheesecake? If they found out the dark reasons why you've been looking soft lately?

This soft complexion and inviting smile might fool others, but I know what you truly are. A pig, a glutton. You crave pleasure, you need it, you can't control it. Your deepest, darkest desires are so densely rooted in self gratification that even I'm left in awe at times. I can't believe how much you've packed into this gut on a daily basis for me the past few months, but you can. Because you've always wanted to. Because you've dreamed of it. Because you've had these demons inside you all along, and you finally found a man to let them out.

Now, take this last bite, and we'll talk about your reward. "
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