Chapter 1

Meg was an average full bodied large chested 22 year old girl living with her female partner Amy. Amy was of average size but had always been jealous of Megs figure but chose to follow her career enjoying work and instead fulfilling her fantasies of a big figure with her partner. Loving her and taking good care of her needs. However she found herself getting a little bored with the same double d cup of meg's and small round tummie and after some research on the internet found some hormones and body mass powder. After asking her partner if she would be happy bigger she began making extra large meals for her to devoured after lacing it with a mixture of various hormones and fatigue powder. immediately her stomach filled with more food than she had eaten before and her tummie filled out to a nice round shape. And every morning it had reduced again. Wondering where it all went it was soon evident after a month or so that her hips had grown as well as her stomach. But most surprisingly even though her chest had grown a cup and a half her areola had grown mostly and even her nipples were larger. As thick as her thumbs and almost an inch long. Continuing to eat the large portions placed infrequent of her with Amy's attention to her full tummie and expanding body. She expected her chest to grow but not quite the way it did or with so much pressure felt inside or so firm. During a session of fondling, Megs inch and a half long nipples began to leak milk explaining the foulness and firmness. Intrigued Amy placed the large nipple in her moth and upon tasting its sweet nectar started so suckle. Meg side with a sense of relief and closeness. Amy proceeded to drink as much as she could. When one side was empty and almost a cup size smaller she moved to the next. By time she had drunken all of Megs milk her stomach was full and she collapsed on the couch rubbing her distended belly. Meg bent down kissing her forehead and thanking her for a wonderful experience and rubbing Amy's tummie to try and relieve some of the discomfort. After discussing the new unexpected side-effect and explaining she had been spiking her food, Meg explained that she liked lactating and was fine with continuing. Not knowing what hormone was causing the lactating they continued with all of them and Meg chest and nipples as well as the rest of her continued to grow. after discovering a large community that would buy Megs milk they invested in a large breast pump of sorts and with the money Amy was able to retire and instead gave into her wishes of being big already gaining weight from drinking so much of Megs breast milk her tummie was well rounded along with her hips and chest becoming more pronounced. After a while Megs nipples were too thick for Amy to fit her hand around and almost 4" long with almost "I" cup breasts full of milk behind them. Amy wasn't sure about suckling them not wanting such a large thing in her mouth and unable long ago to fit all of the milk in her even now larger stomach. Instead of listening to her salivating mouth anymore she thought of a place that might fit Megs large nipples to relieve the pressure, instead listening to her dripping pussy she lay down her large partner and gingerly sat on her soft stomach caressing the large breasts she got up the courage to do it. A confused Meg watched Amy slowly sit on her chest feeling a soft warmth envouring her hard nipple slowly. Amy's wet pussy was stretched and she arced her back as it devoured the huge nipple. With a full pussy she rode the huge Brest both moaning with pleasure. Eventually they both came with pleasure and Megs breasts let forth a huge gush of milk as Amy sate down hard on the nipple. With her pussy filed by the large nipple there was nowhere else for the milk to go eventually finding its way into her womb. Filling her until she looked 9 months pregnant. When both of them caught their breath again and opened their eyes before them was a large distended belly and milk everywhere. Amy collapsed onto Megs soft tummie moaning and stoking her enormous gut, taking great pleasure in its fullness and size. With Amy's milky pussy in front of her she wondered how her milk and Amy's juices tasted together. Leaning forwards she licked off her milk and Amy moaned with the touch of her sensitive skin somehow heightened by the pressure in her womb and the enjoyment of her new roundness. Hearing Amy's pleasure she obliged and dove deeper into her gaping pussy. Amy squirmed on the soft tummie and turned over for better access positioning her large tummie neatly between Megs breasts. Apologising to Megs pussy for not pleasing it she plunged her head between Megs thick thighs, eagerly lapping up the over flowing juices and diving her tong between the think lips to the hidden Perl beneath. upon striking her clit Meg moaned sending vibrations deep inside her pussy to her stretched womb resonating inside filling her with pleasure. Meg proceeded to finger Amy's pussy only to find her hole hand slips inside with ease after having her huge nipples inside. In response to having Megs arm inside her Amy started fingering Megs large pussy eventually sliding her hand inside as will once she was warmed up. with so much stimulation neither could hold themselves together for much longer and Meg squirted a load of pussy juice in Amy's face as they both came. cuddling up in a sense of euphoria they sleep together happier than ever before. the following day Amy's tummie had reduced to almost normal size and with a full pear of breasts next to hear decided she wanted more. gently waking her lover she softly sat on one of her soft breasts and felt the massive nipple harden inside her. with some grinding and genital movements she was pouring juices over the nipple. gingerly removing it from her hungry pussy she gently sat down on the soaked nipple. with a little effort it gradually slid into her behind easier than expected as the nipple had some give to it squashing to size as it entered. pleased with herself fitting the massive nipple in her back side and enjoying the fullness she pulled the other nipple over to her and slid it inside her gaping pussy. starting off slowly stall getting accustomed to having something so large in her back side feeling it squeeze though her opening and then puff back out inside her she was soon warmed up and bucking away at the massive breasts. needing at its gargantuan size as she forces both nipples deep inside her moaning with too much pleasure she comes twice before Megs nipples release all their milk into Amy's hungry holes. her stomach quickly swell to immense proportions. looking like she may give birth to multiple litters any second now. when she cold finally move again she proceeded relieved the pressure in her gut and was soon at 9 months size. again. sitting at the computer with her lover and stroking her round belly and having enjoyed so much crammed inside her pussy Amy ordered some larger than life dildos for the both of them to play with. with Meg being milked several times a day now and producing letters of milk a day which they sold for income there was no longer any danger of her lactation stopping and with plenty of hormones stall left Amy decided she would try them curious of how it felt and loving her larger body already she wanted to have breasts like Megs and feel her nipples inside her warm holes.
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lol, good, easy, horny fun. smiley
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Pretty good, but I agree with Tjpbeatles. I would add that some paragraphs would make it easier and more confortable to read too. But aside of that, the story sounds good.
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not bad, definitely need to use spell check though