Chapter 1 - fun fat

"Oh, dear. I am getting fat. I've gained 23 pounds since we got together." You speak with worry while stepping off the bathroom scales.

"It's not that bad, hun. Just a little fun fat."

"What?" you gasp. "Fun fat?"

I reach out and grab your love handles with both hands and caress them. "Mmm, fun fat, I love you," I whisper seductively, pulling on your fleshy love handles and guiding your soft body back to the bedroom. You seem too stunned by the numbers on the scale to put up any resistance.

But you quiver and then suddenly pull away. "Fun fat? What do you mean, fun fat? It's certainly not fun that I am getting fat!"

"But haven't you had fun gaining those 23 pounds? Think of all the cheesecake you have eaten, all the pasta I have made for you - and the cookies! And ice cream! Hasn't it been fun?"

"Yes, I suppose, but -" You look down at your bulging body, contemplating those 23 pounds. "I have a belly now."

I reach out and pat it lovingly. "I know. Isn't it wonderful!"

"Wonderful? Fun? You love fat?"

"Of course. Why do you think I have been cooking and baking so much for you?"

"You mean, you did this on purpose to me - made me gain some, ugh, 'fun fat'?"

"Of course. There's nothing wrong with it at all. It's a natural thing for some people to get chubby or plump when in a new relationship."

"I never knew this side of you before. How could my belly be wonderful?"

"Well, it's better than when we were first together. Remember all that awkwardness in bed, poking our bones into each other?"

"Uh huh."

"Now that you have grown this - this wonderful belly - sex is so much more, uh, plush, luscious and fun!"

"With my fun fat?"

"Of course, with your fun fat!"

"What if I don't think my fat is all that fun?"

"Oh, I think I can persuade you to change your mind?" I get down on my knees and unbutton your tight jeans and push them to the floor.

"Oh my." You shudder and shake, and your little bit of belly fat jiggles.

"Just relax, darling, and let me do all the work." I push you toward the bed.

"Mmmm, fun fat . . . "

"Yes, I can have lots of fun with your fat, dear. Now, there's some chocolate cheesecake on the bedside table for you. Go ahead, indulge a little while I . . . "

And I slip myself between myself between your thighs and onto that soft round ball of fun fat.

"Oooh, cheesecake . . . fun fat . . . Ooooohhhhhh . . ."

I knew I could convince you that your fat is fun.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Thank you, littleextra. This all started with the idea of someone seeing fat as not being fun, and someone convincing them that it is indeed very fun!
Littleextra 6 years
Superb! The multiple perspective approach is genius!! Completely frees the reader to explore where they lie on the feeder/feedee spectrum. Gives a wonderful sense of freedom. Best of all, the dialogue is effortless, and, more importantly, fun!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thanks, ralphie1974! Considering your writing skills and creativity, I cherish your comment!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thank you all! To get a comment from Fiji is just like getting a piece of gold! I treasure it, and, otherland78, always appreciate your comments!
FrecherTyp 9 years
just lovely ;-)