Gonna get full!

Chapter 1 - ellen's healthy cooking night

Ellen busied herself about the kitchen, closing a drawer with a push of her slender hip before shredding her freshly boiled chicken. Her mom hardly ever gave up the reigns and let her daughter have a chance at making dinner, so this meal needed to be perfect. It was hard to stay fit around her family's southern cooking, and she'd really need to wow them if she wanted Ellen's Healthy Cooking Night to become a staple of the Greene household.

She looked down at her lithe frame, her hard fought 107 lbs complete with flat tummy and perky B cups. She was a little self-conscious about her flat butt, but usually managed to take solace in the rest of her thin, toned physique. The fitness fanatic smiled as she finished her appraisal, brushing the short blonde bangs from her pixie cut away and redoubling her efforts to make the perfect chicken salad.

"My diet will be so much easier if I can just have a little more control over mealtime," she thought. "And every night with a sensible meal is a night my hog of a sister-in-law won't hang around for."

No sooner had the thought popped into Ellen's head than Bethany, the hog herself, lumbered into view, accompanied in her waddle toward the front door by her husband Mitch. The portly lass was Ellen's polar opposite, with brown skin and long black hair. She outweighed Ellen by at least 150 lbs, her sizable breasts resting lazily on her dome of a gut. The real show-stopper, however, was Bethany's mammoth ass. It ballooned out behind her into a shelf that ran the full length of her wide hips before tapering slowly into thunder thighs. Ellen and her friends had a pool going on when the hog would finally get her ass stuck in a doorframe.

"Not hanging around for dinner?" Mrs. Greene asked from her place on the couch. "Ellen is cooking tonight."

"We, umm, had dinner plans already," fumbled Mitch, opening the door for his doublewide partner.

"Mmm, gonna get full!" the hog proclaimed with the most sowishly anticipatory glint in her eye. She rubbed her belly for emphasis before disappearing out the door with her man. Ellen scoffed as they departed, placing her knife on the counter and taking a moment to just marvel at the sheer gluttony of that statement. The hog could've said "It'll be delicious!" or "I can't wait!", but no. She wouldn't be satisfied until her gut was packed tight with lord knows what fattening slop.

"Gonna get full!" Ellen snickered once the couple had walked off the porch and out of earshot.

"Ellen!" her mother admonished, shooting her daughter her best glare.

"I'm just saying something is wrong with her," Ellen protested. "She was just chubby before college. She picked up an eating disorder or something. Look at me, I'm already a Junior and haven't gained a pound!"

"That's enough," her father declared, flipping through TV channels. "Leave Beth alone and keep working on dinner, or I'll send your mom in to help."

She quieted down and turned back to the task at hand after that, not wanting her hard work to be ruined with garlic and creole powder like every other dish served in this house. A few minutes later she was finished. She placed the chicken salad and a platter of toasted wheat bread on the table before declaring "Dinner's ready!"

Her parents took their seats and the three of them dug in. Ellen finished her sandwich and watched hopefully as her mother and father both spooned seconds onto their plates. The tiny girl eyed the remaining chicken in the bowl. She'd met her calorie limit for the day, but she had also really outdone herself with dinner. Seconds this one time wouldn't hurt, and it would really sell her parents on how much she wanted to cook. Both her parents stopped eating for a moment, shocked that their weight-obsessed daughter would actually have a second portion.

"Gotta get full!" she chuckled through a mouthful of chicken salad, swallowing and doing her best not to smirk at her parents' twin glares.

"Lose the attitude, hun," her father commanded, sipping his coffee. "You're a Junior in college, not a high school freshmen."

"And I guess it's time we stopped treating you like one," Mrs. Greene conceded. "If having a say about dinner means that much to you, you can cook a couple times a week. Maybe you'll be nicer to Beth in return."

Ellen was barely listening, still too amused with herself and much more involved in eating her sandwich than usual. She took a bite and chewed it slowly, enjoying the flavor and texture. She needed to make chicken salad more, even if all the mayonnaise was a bit unhealthy.

"Wha? Oh!" she shouted, finally processing the combination lecture and reward. "Of course! You won't regret it!" she beamed, popping the last morsel of sandwich into her mouth and skipping away to her room.

"My waistline's fate is finally in my hands!" she thought.
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