Good morning

Chapter 1 - it was the morning of their day and he was still in dreamland

She gently rested her fingers on it, feeling it rise and fall with each breath as he slept. She used her other hand to prop herself up and waited for his reaction.

He snuffled and jerked as he slowly woke feeling her hand slip from his waist to follow his belly crease where he was most sensitive, her fingernails brushing his pubic hair, to end cupping the softness of his belly as it flowed toward her.

She reached around him and felt his love handle bulge with the tips of her fingers. Leaning forward, she placed her left hand on his chest, feeling the softened but still muscular pecs under her hand and murmered a family fattening blessing to herself. The language suited her. Lyrical yet muscular.

He shuddered as she touched his chest, she knew he was very self-conscious of the new, larger size of his breasts. He grunted, rolled up to her and kissed her, his hand gently touching her neck, sliding down her shoulder.

"Good morning" he smiled sleepily.

"Good morning yourself, my fat friend", and as her arousal blossomed grabbed his sides convulsively, feeling his fat move as she arched into him. "You're late, I've already started." She said with a smile.

Her mouth was like a small tender rose, her lips gentle petals softly sucking on his. He felt her other hand slide around and, cupping his underbelly, began to pull it and him toward her, urging him on. He grew even harder and, awakening with desire for her, swung his upper knee between her thighs, feeling her widen and make room for him.

She kissed back breathlessly. She could feel his tongue against her lower lip and bit it very gently, capturing it while her eyes looked into his. The hand on his chest continued to press and rub softly.

He groaned softly as she massaged his breasts. Occasionally he could feel her rub a fingertip across one of his nipples and he jerked. In kind he continued moving his hands over her, tracing the delicate softness of her. He found her breasts, warm and full in his hands and explored them, massaging their ripeness, feeling their softness as he kissed her again, nipping her lower lip with his teeth.

She reached down and rubbed his inner thighs, kissing along his double chin, nipping at it with her lips in gentle retaliation.

He grunted to his knees, hands straddling her on the bed and nuzzled her, forcing her to her back with his kisses, pressing the back of her head into the pillow with his passion. He felt his belly sway below him as he moved his lips down her neck, kissing between her breasts and down the soft curve of her stomach. He felt her hands flutter on him, pinching and probing his softness as he quietly moved over her, wanting to intensify her pleasure.

She looked up at him, eyes soft and full of a healthy lust. Reaching down, she buried her hands underneath his soft hanging belly. She ran a finger along his stiff member. Knowing he wasn't quite ready to enter, she took the time to explore the soft muscular arms beside her, kissing along his inner arms up to his soft chest.

He was strong, he knew he could hold this position forever she inspired him so, her fingers digging into and massaging his hanging softness was exquisite. He continued loving her with his mouth and lips, kissing spirals around her breasts and abdomen. He straddled her with one knee between her creamy thighs and gently slid it up against her womanhood, putting a pulsing pressure there as he took each nipple of hers in turn with his lips.

She spread, feeling his heart beating, his breathing quickening. In the back of her mind she also noticed herself doing the same thing, feeling his hand cup her smooth hip for a moment. She moaned slightly and squirmed under him, getting into position.

He paused, his erection just brushing the lips of her womanhood. Her legs high, he felt her lightly brush the rolls of fat either side of his waist with her calves, hooking him with her heels, gently urging him in. He looked down at her, her eyes closed, moaning softly, moving slowly under him, wanting him. But he waited, wanting to make it last. He continued teasing her with the tip of his member as he leaned forward and slowly began kissing her again, his tongue running over her teeth, his belly briefly resting fatly on her gently rounded abdomen.

She groaned, grabbing his belly and struggled to speak, panting softly. "Please I need you so badly" She squirmed, pushing up against his belly every couple of seconds, her hips rising, trying to impale herself on his member.

Realizing she was ready, he entered her gently, just the tip first. Holding himself still, he felt her squirm, her nether lips pulsing and squeezing his manhood. Then he entered her smoothly and fully, hearing her gasp as his thick shaft sank in and his belly covered her up to her breasts. He felt her legs twitch, then lock behind him, squeezing him into her. The pressure of his belly compressing caused him to gasp with pleasure as the underside of his gut stretched rolling forward over her.

She felt him enter and gasped in pleasure and pain, squeezing her eyes shut, all of her vaginal muscles tight on him. She bit her lip and lifted the sides of his belly as they flowed over her, then released, letting it sag freely on her, as she moved her hips to syncopate with him.

He moved over her gently, listening to her quick, panting breaths as he stroked with long slow motions. She kissed him firmly, lips soft and eyes even softer. She bit his ear gently.

He rocked against her, now holding himself away from her, his tip just barely inside her as he swayed over her, letting his stretching belly skin brush against hers. Deciding to shift positions, he then pulled her into him and, rocking back, slid his right thigh under her. In one smooth motion, he rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. He sighed with pleasure as he felt her settle into him, her pubic area and hips sliding into him like she was relaxing into a saddle.
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FrecherTyp 10 years
oh my that´s really hot wow you really can describe all those sexy things very enticing and so elegant and sexy ^^
Obsessed 10 years
Oh i LOVED it... xx
Nerdy Girl 10 years
well written