Growing joe

chapter 1: preface

He was trying to keep up but soon enough he realize he can't stop her from pushing more food into his mouth. She push whole doughnuts into him and forced him to eat more and more, and tell him that he still have a long road to walk, and that there is a lot of space to fill...

Joe Hammerhill was always the smallest guys in the class whatever it was in school or collage. By his 28 birthday his weight was only 140 ibs, and he really felt bad about that. He wanted to gain weight but just a littie, to look more healthy, but nothing more.

But then he meets Samantha.

She was a new student in the collage. Just move in. And the day Joe see her was one of his brightest. She was a little fat then him but not much, maybe about 160 ibs, but she looks wonderful. She wore a tight T-shirt and a yoga pants which tightened over her legs and looks small on her.

"Hi, I am Sam." she said.
"Oh! Ah... I'm Joe. Hi."
"I noticed you was watching me. Do you want to go out with me? Eat something together?"

And this is how it began.

He takes another bite, and was breathing hard, while feeling his belly grow more, his butt starting to fill and he felt his tummy pressing against his pants which become small while his body continue to grow. His legs were spreading within his small pants. His face became round as he develop a double chin. His chest turn to huge man moobs and were bigger then Sam's breasts. He felt the fat around his arms. He could feel every change on his body and it's was a rapid change, right in front of him while Sam was forced feeding him, make sure he will continue to grow more and more.

His clothes streched on his body. His enormous belly was hanged over his pants. He couldn't eat anymore and felt full. He can't eat any more or he'll burst out, he see how he already out grow from his clothes. He wanted to looks healthy, but right now he becoming really fat, and he didn't want that, but Sam wanted him to be the bigger guy she ever see, so he continue to eat his fattening food and dishes. He could feel his butt getting really big. His legs and hips were rounder and he knew that he about to become Sam's blob.
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Fatlilboy 3 years
My my my.....want this to be the beginniing. Can you please continue????? Please????
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I love your descriptions and how persuasive she is! You write well
ObeseQueen 3 years
You do a great job explaining the internal conflict. I would love to hear more about how you imagine a successful relationship would go! Just one story? Don't stop now.