Hand fed

chapter 1

Lying in bed and peering downward, she couldn't help but smile. She stared, transfixed by her massive belly, bulging skyward despite resting on her back. Reveling in its size and mass, she shifted slightly only to feel it wobble and shake under it's own weight. A rush of warmth and joy rose from her midsection as she realized that yes - all of it was hers. Sometimes when stepping in front of the mirror, it all seemed foreign. Catching a glimpse of such a round shape felt contrary to the thin frame that once occupied her reflection. But not anymore, no. Lying in bed on a Sunday morning, it was all hers. As she rose to sit up, she felt her belly fall onto her plump thighs, and then slip between her legs. Leaning to the left to pull off the covers, she felt rolls folding along her sides. The bed creaked as her legs swung around, and the vibrations produced reverberated throughout her softness. Every movement was ecstasy, her sense of touch heightened by newfound fat. She rested her hand on her stomach, having to reach further than ever, and paused to remember how she had gotten here.

Back in college, a small a bit of overeating had turned into an obsession. A small roll folding over her waistband fascinated her, and online research led her to a community of like-minded individuals and encouragers. The social reservations she held against gaining were quickly erased - quieted by a potent mixture of taboo excitement and ice cream. She became obsessed with food. A quest for the best of all cuisines was embarked upon, and special attention was always paid to dessert. She ate chocolate soufflé, gilato, flan, apple pie, cannoli, strudel, angel cake, and crispetti. Of it all, cheesecake was always her favorite. All culinary moderation was consciously thrown to the wind, and several milestones were soon to follow. One month after embarking on her quest, the button popped off her favorite jeans. One month later, bending over ripped the seams of her last pair. Buying larger clothes was a temporary solution at best, and three months into her quest, she began to notice her belly jiggling with every movement. The sensation it produced was incredible, and it took all of her strength to keep her hands off of it in public. One morning, while driving to work, she was completely overcome with the changes to her body. Her belly now folded over the seatbelt, her love handles peaking over the edges of the seat. Lifting her shirt to expose her stomach, she caressed her potbelly, which now had three distinct rolls along its sides. It felt massive, and she licked her lips at the thought of what was happening to her. More is what she wanted. Exiting the highway, she pulled into an In and Out Burger - a guilty pleasure. Four doubles and four orders of fries - not the healthiest choice, but that wasn't what she was going for. She finished it all in the parking lot, and her dress shirt struggled to contain her engorged stomach. She decided not to go to work that day. Instead, she stopped at the grocery store and loaded her cart to the brim. At home she consumed everything she bought in a single sitting, finishing with cheesecake, of course.

She was nervous when she met him, but that faded quickly. She had spoken to a handful of people online about her newfound obsession, but he was the first that she met in person. Apprehension was immediately replaced by gratification, and as kindred spirits their relationship grew as quickly as she did. He loved seeing her grow; she was a dream come true. He made sure that delicious food was always present, and that her now ravenous hunger was always satisfied. Every night, he sat upright while she squeezed between his legs, both facing forward. With one hand he fed her bite after bite, and with the other he grabbed, squeezed, and caressed her stomach. Every day she found it a bit more difficult to squeeze between his legs, until one day, her hips were simply too wide. She longed for more of his touch, but didn't want to give up being fed continuously. Sheepishly, she suggested they try something that she was curious about but was always too afraid to ask. He lit up when she told him, as he had always felt the same way. From that night forward, their nightly ritual was altered. She reclined in bed, propped up by pillows. He helped one end of the funnel into her mouth, and filled the other end to the brim with any number of delicious treats. Her favorite was milkshakes made with cheesecake ice cream. With both hands unoccupied, he was free to touch her completely. His hands ran over her swollen belly, down her sides, and into her love handles. He jiggled her thighs briefly before massaging between them, pushing harder as he worked his way up. As he neared top, he kissed lightly, first one thigh, and then the other. He made his way between the triangle created by her two thighs and bulging belly, kissing each briefly and faintly running his mouth across. He loved watching her struggle to keep the funnel in her mouth, regain composure, and continue drinking. She knew he would go no further until it was completely empty. Her body ached as she scarfed down the last drops, looking at him as he waited with anticipation. Finishing with one final gulp, he parted her thighs and lifted her belly. Hesitating for a moment to tease her, she convulsed as he grabbed her hips and pressed his mouth and tongue inside.

Yes, this was how she had gotten here, fat and satisfied and happy. Every night was ecstasy, and every morning brought new discoveries of more to love. Returning from a trip to the bakery, he found her sitting at the edge of the bed. She reclined again, and he sat next to her revealing his spoils - two full cheesecakes. Staring at each other as she devoured bite after bite, he handed her the fork so both of his hands would be free.
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