His immobile girl

  By Deth

chapter 1 - dinner at daniels

Chapter 1
One day a girl called Abbie lived in a quiet neighborhood. She had been single for about a year and was happy living on her own; she weighed 125lbs and went to the gym 4 times a week after work to keep her busy. Recently she got a new job as a banker, the hours were long and tiring but she still found the time to work out in the evenings and put her social life on hold, although this doesn't mean she didn't have a social life... on most weekends she would go out and party hard with all her friends and live life to the full like any 21-year-old should.
At work Abbie had been getting secret love letters from a special someone on her desk every day, she had no idea who they were from and why they would be interested in her as most of the guys were 35 or older. Abbie ignored the letters to start with and threw them away without opening them and carried on with her routine. Then one day all her work had been completed and she had nothing left to do, she decided to open the letter she had received that day and read it...
Hello Abbie, you may not know me yet but let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel, I work on the desk in front of you, I see you have been ignoring my letters for quite some time... I understand it would be more suitable for me to introduce myself face to face but I'm a little bit shy and sometimes I feel a little awkward, I'm 32 years old and I would love to get to know you better, you have a lovely smile that I admire every day. Please let me take you out for a drink sometime this week after work.
Have a lovely day beautiful, Daniel
Abbie smiled and put the letter down and walked over to Daniel and put her hand out and said: " Hi, I got your letter, thank you it's very kind of you and I would love to go out for a drink with you this week"
Daniel looked at her and shook her hand: " oh! Really, well that's great, is Saturday ok?"
"Saturday is perfect, see you then", Abbie replied.
Abbie went home delighted she was finally going on a date with a very handsome, muscular, and kind man. When she got home she quickly phoned all her friends to tell them with excitement.
Saturday soon came around, Abbie was wearing ripped skinny jeans with black summer shoes, her long blonde hair was down and she had a smoky eye makeup look, she looked stunning. Daniel couldn't keep his eyes off her and smiled.
"You look beautiful"
"Oh thank you, you look good yourself"
"What would you like to drink?"
"I'll have a diet coke"
"Are you on a diet? Because you look fine just the way you are..."
"Oh no not at all ha-ha, I always get a diet one, I don't like the thought of drinking sugary drinks"
" I think you should at least have a milkshake with me, I'm having the chocolate one, it's my favorite, come on.
"Hmm I don't know, they are quiet high in calories"
"Once in a while won't hurt anyone beautiful come on let me order one for you, I know the best one, it tastes amazing you will love it"
"Ok if you insist"
The waiter walked up to their table and asked, "Are you ready to order sir?"
Daniel looked up from the tables and with a smile, "yes I'll have the chocolate milkshake, just the simple one please and could I get the double triple chocolate Oreo with extra sauce and whipped cream on top please?" The waiter jotted down the order, and walked off. Abbie looked stunned as she knew that this will ruin her diet and that she will have to push herself in the gym tomorrow or even late tonight. Daniel turned to Abbie and resumed their small talk, snapping Abbie out her inner monologue.
"Wow, that sounds like a crazy milkshake" she said
"Only the best one for the best and most beautiful girl ever"
The milkshakes arrive and Abbie couldn't believe her eyes, it was massive.
"Enjoy babe" Daniel leaned in and kisses her on the cheek, to her slight surprise and delight. They both started to dig into their respective milk shakes.

Daniel finishes his milkshake way before Abbie does and Abbie can no longer eat anymore. Daniel looks over at Abbie, and see's she is struggling to finish off her decadent treat. He looks at her thin face, and hoped she may be the one. Daniel decides to press his luck.
"Come on babe your almost there, just one more bite for me, here let me feed you", he gets the spoon and puts loads of sauce and whipped cream on it mixed with Oreos.
"Open wide", Daniel laughed.
"Ok just one more bite", Abbie giggled.
"That's my girl"
Abbie can feel her belly expanding as she is so full but doesn't want to make a fool of herself and tires to finish the whole calorie laden milkshake. Bite after bite, she allowed Daniel to keep feeding her, until it is all gone. Hiding the discomfort of her taut stomach, she glanced her dates way and could of swore she saw lust in his eyes.
"You full now beautiful?"
"Yeah, I can't believe I ate that whole thing..."
"Well you did great". Daniel brushes his hand over her belly, jokingly rubbing it as he kisses her cheek. He released his lips from her cheek and sat back down in his seat. Daniel took notice of her stomach and how full she must be, all while hiding his excitement and suppressing his hard-on. He thought to himself, "Abbie shows great potential."
Abbie had the look of shock on her face, not because of random kiss on the cheek, but when Daniel pressed his hand on her stomach and she felt an unfamiliar feeling. "I'll be right back, I'm just going to the bathroom", she explained.
Abbie gets up and feels like she is going to throw up, she walks into the bathroom and with relief undoes her button on her jeans, she stares down and her jeans have been digging into her belly, something that has never happened before. She ignores it. "It's just the huge milkshake I had." Abbie says to herself.
She finishes up and goes back outside to join Daniel. "So, am I going to see you again?" Daniel stands and ushering her back into seat.
"Sure! Anytime you want, you seem like a nice guy!"
"Awesome, how about dinner at my place tomorrow night?"
"Yeah, ok sounds great"
Daniel reaches in kissing Abbie on the lips and places his hands on her full satisfied belly and caresses it. In his excitement at finding the one with potential. "I hope you have had a nice evening with me and I hope that milkshake does your body good". Laughing as he playfully pat Abbie's stomach.
Abbie laughed at his corny joke shooing his hand away, "it was quiet a heavy load I must say and I can certainly feel it inside of me now, thank you for a very fun and interesting evening, it was lovely getting to know you, I can't wait for tomorrow night!"
Daniel was at this point running scenarios through his mind. He seemed in a trance for a moment, but finally stated, "Good night my beautiful."
"Good night, have a nice evening", Abbie stated. Stepping away from the shop and quickly runs home to change into her gym clothes. Her body however, had other ideas when she arrived home. As she changed out of her tight jeans and shirt, she sat down on her bed and was about to take off her panties when the feeling of comfort and warmth hit her. She felt very drowsy and thoughts of going to the gym became a burden. Suddenly she feels herself grow tired and falls asleep
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Theswordsman 6 years
Definitely continue
Deth 6 years
I wanted to come back and re-write this story. I will be back with more chapters
Chrysophase2003 8 years
The ending of the first story? Yes. I think there's a clear point where the story's intent changes. Her chances of wellbeing and survival were looking pretty grim. You changed that.
Deth 8 years
Thanks for the feedback. First time writing a story. Beyond that did you think the ending was okay?
Chrysophase2003 8 years
I am so happy to see this story completed. It's been on of my recent favorites. And the addition, Immobile Girl 2, is exciting. Though the different narrative style is jarring. 3rd Person Present Tense?