Its our turn now (yet another three chapters)

chapter 1

'Well babe...'

The time had finally arrived. The contract was complete, the business was sold and I had landed the perfect job consulting online to the new owners. A cushy job with lots of meetings and lunches and lots of time at home working on the computer. Constance stood there waiting for me to reply. She had put on a huge amount of weight while we were working on the contract. I had engaged her as research consultant and we had spent the last two years working day and night on the deal. In that time our professional relationship had become a deep friendship and then had turned intimate. During that time her curvy 100kg body had rapidly expanded with take away meals and snacks being part of our everyday routine. At first she had coyly complained about her weight gain, but after a few hints from me that I actually thought she looked better for it, she relaxed. After that, I had watched her grow rapidly and I never missed an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she looked not to mention how her new figure drove me wild.

Not long after I had started telling her how amazing she looked with each extra kilo, Constance had started dropping hints that I would look better with a bit of extra weight too. The hints soon turned to discussions about her preference for fat guys while we were working. She had a particular fondness for telling me how much she admired the figure of the pizza delivery guy who waddled to the door of our office every lunch time. I figured he must eat all of the leftovers of a night since he had to be well over 200kgs. As we grew more comfortable with each other she had confided that it was her dream to have a successful fat husband and took every opportunity to bring in cakes and biscuits she had baked as well as ordering way more pizza than she could eat and getting me to have it 'so it would not go to waste'. She was so could I refuse. Within months I had gone from 67 to 87 kilos, a gain of 45 pounds in the old measures. The day she told me that she approved of the 'new improved me' was the happiest I could recall ever being. It was not long after that she came out and told me that her dream man and the only man she would ever contemplate marrying would have to be over 250kg. I told her that if we landed the contract and sold the business I would love to be that man and now the time had come and my decision was easy...

'Yes baby, of course. I love you so much and I desperately want you to want me as much as I want you. What do you suggest we do?' 'Well...' she began 'I think it is time you had a break, you've succeeded and we can be comfortable for the rest of our lives now. Maybe it's time we lived together and bought a property in the Dandenongs and relaxed a little. It is an ideal spot and you should be able to do your consulting from there and I can concentrate on fattening you up without any distractions.' 'Sounds good...' I began to reply, but before I could finish she continued. 'There is one thing I want you to promise...not only is it time we lived together and bought a house together but I want you to take it a bit easier and with this new deal you can do no new projects...other than mine.' 'And what would that be?' I asked. 'I get to feed you whatever I like for a year! I mean it and you have to promise right now that you won't object...and one more thing, I won't marry you unless you go all the way...I want a 250kg husband!'

After all Constance had done for me, the least I could do was say 'Yes, I promise'.

After several weeks of looking for the right place and settling on it, the day we dreamed of finally arrived. It was a beautiful house, snuggled at the top of the mountain and surrounded by dense subtropical rain forest. The previous owners had left all of their colonial furniture and rugs and all we had had to do was bring our own favorite belongings, books, games and videos to complete the house. All there was to do on our first night was to light the fire and relax on the overstuffed lounges. 'Well...' Constance said 'Tomorrow is the first day of your yearlong project and I have big plans for you!'

The next day we got up had coffee and cake from the fridge and Constance decided that I should have a Sizzler breakfast. We traveled down the mountain to get there. I had pancakes and ice-cream, followed by bacon and eggs with toast lathered in butter, I was getting full already when Constance insisted that her duty was to keep me eating, so I went up and grabbed three waffles and drowned them in chocolate topping. When I got back she had made me a strawberry milk shake from the dessert bar. She had been busy too, outdoing my breakfast. I had forgotten just how much she could eat! As for me, my stomach was not used to all of this food and so Constance drove us back to our new home.

I was still feeling really full and so she rubbed my distended belly. After an hour it was feeling better and so she said she was going shopping for some treats. I fell asleep waiting for her return. When she got back she unloaded her treats on the coffee table and immediately brought out two jam and cream donuts. I felt myself going hard, I had always avoided these as I knew I had a propensity to put on weight fast, but now the thought of getting fat and eating two of them turned me on. I forgot how full I was as she put them to my mouth and I finished them both in a matter of minutes. Full again I lay there as she went into the kitchen with the rest of the shopping. Not long afterwards I could smell lunch cooking. It smelt great. She came out not long after and gave me a Snickers Bar 'Just to fill the corners while lunch was cooking' she said. We sat and played the Civilization V together on our new linked wiz bang computer systems and before long lunch was ready. She set the table and brought in a mountainous plate. A pile of roast beef covered in gravy, a mountain of mashed potato that was yellow with all of the butter in it, honeyed carrots with extra honey drizzled over them and bread fried in cholesterol lowering margarine, with a glass of strawberry milk made on half and half. After an hour I was done, my belly had never been so full before, it felt so stretched and uncomfortable! She said I would have to get used to the stomach stretching over the next month or so and then took my hand and led me to our room. I had to get up and waddle slowly but at least the movement caused me to burb and relieve some of the pressure. Once I was lying on the bed, Constance took off my pants and slowly rubbed my belly and then took my undies off and gently sucked my manhood. Needless to say I came in ecstasy.

I must have dozed off to sleep because the next thing I know it was late afternoon and she was waking me with a two-liter strawberry milk. I took a swig and noticed that it was creamier than usual. She said that Strawberry milk always tasted better made on half and half and I should finish it off before we headed off to dinner. I wasn't feeling as full as before the snooze and I was looking forward to dinner. I asked what we were having. She said that she knew a fantastic Chinese all you can eat restaurant in Fernvale and thought this would be a good close to the day. I got up and went to put my pants back on but I guess all of the food had increased my middle somewhat and so I couldn't comfortably do them up. I wanted to go out but I wouldn't be able to eat much with tight pants and so I asked her if she could go up to the shops and get me some bigger pants. Before leaving she told me that she expected me to finish the milk and to have one or two of the cupcakes she had made me while I was sleeping. I hadn't noticed at first but now I could smell fresh baked little cakes. They were waiting on the coffee table, smothered in a very thick layer of icing. I had one and was beginning to feel full again but they were so good I just had to have another. It was starting to get dark outside and just as I had taken the last swig of milk and a third cake, Constance returned.

She hadn't been sure of my next size so she had bought a few sets of pants including, to my delight, a pair of shorts from Men's Big and Tall that were size 9X to fit a waist of 237cms. She asked me to try them on and we began stuffing pillows around me to find out how big I would have to be to fit them...when they were on and fitting she went in search of a tape measure. 107 inches! 'Hmmmm' she said, 'I can't wait.' Soon we were dressed and off to the restaurant. It was spectacular! I took a bit of everything and piled my plate high. It was a struggle but I managed to finish it. I was just getting up to get dessert when she asked me to go and fill my plate again. I began to protest but Constance said that for the next year I had promised to do as she said and so I had to follow her instructions. Constance said that if I were going to get fat I would have to start eating A LOT more than I had all my life and the best way was to keep stretching my stomach so that I would be hungrier all of the time and able to fit a lot more in! Just the same, the going was very slow. It took me over an hour to finish the second plate and I was stuffed to bursting. My upper belly was visibly poking out from my shirt and I looked at the dessert cart in dismay, but she smiled and said she had a better idea. So we left and headed back home.

I had to put the car seat all the way back so as not to put pressure on my sensitive and very full stomach. I was still feeling very full by the time we got back and I had to struggle slowly from the car inside and then to the bedroom to lie down as I couldn't sit with all of the food pushing my stomach out uncomfortably. My skin was starting to feel like it was stretching and I said as much. Constance left the room, went into the bathroom and came back with some skin moisturizer she had picked up at the same time as my new pants. 'Don't want to get stretch marks on your new belly now do we!' she explained and
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spectacular i enjoyed every word
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