Jason finds love

chapters 1-3

Chapter 1 - Highschool Backstory
Jason had known Julia almost all of his life. He had been friends with her older brother Brent. Jason and Julia became really good friends in high school, but they never dated. Jason was 2 years older than Julia, and he was close friends with her older brother, so he didn't feel like it was right for them to date.

Julia was a stunner. She was short, at 5'2, and she weighed close to 100lbs. Jason always really liked her personality, but he thought she was on the thin side. Jason preferred girls with more meat on there bones.

Julia was unsure what she wanted from Jason. Some days she wanted a relationship. Other days, she just wanted to be friends. She found him attractive. He was tall and athletic, and she liked that.

Jason and Julia remained close friends throughout high school, but the chemistry faded as they both realized that they were not going to start a relationship.

Chapter 2 - Michelle pt. 1

In his senior year, Jason met Michelle. They hit it off right away. She was a short redhead approximately 5'2 and 95lbs. She was quiet and shy, but Jason was captivated by her. Except for her weight that is.

Jason kept telling himself that she would gain weight. "She eats a lot when we go to dinner" he would think to himself. It didn't happen.

Chapter 3 - Julia
After Jason graduated from high school, Julia started coming to see him. She said she missed her friend, and she said she was worried that they wouldn't hang out anymore with him in college and her still in high school.

Julia and Jason hadn't spent a lot of time together his senior year because he was dating Michelle. Because of this, he hadn't noticed how much Julia had filled out. She was very athletic still, but she had some soft curves to her now. No one in their right mind would have thought she looked fat or considered that a possibility, but it was on Jason's mind.

Jason enjoyed spending time with Julia. He enjoyed her company more than just about anyone else...maybe even more than Michelle. He had missed their hang out sessions. Secretly, he wished they could be more than just friends. He knew that she was way out of his league.

Julia missed Jason. She was scared that she had missed her chance. She never thought the thing with Michelle would last. Now though, they had been together for a year, and he both were in college while she was still in high school.
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