Little girl lost 1

chapter 1

He had moved clear out here, away from civilization, because he found he was a better artist when he was alone. The sounds grew nearer, and he closed his eyes, hoping this was a dream.

"Eug, this is gross! What is that? Ah! Getitoff getitoff getitoff!!!" A girl scrambled into the clearing, slapping at her face and head. "I hate spiders! Ahhhh...!" She was crying, unable to help her arachnophobia.

Her clothes were torn, and she was brushing herself frantically as he threw down his axe and ran over to her. "Lady, please stop all that racket. There's nothing on you, see?" He then moved behind her and in a quick sweeping motion brushed the three or four large spiders on her back.

She tried to stop hiccuping, shivering in reaction, tears streaming down her face. She was barely over 5', but incredibly full breasted and shapely, with long curly blonde hair now tangled and beautiful eyes. Actually all of her would have been beautiful, if she had been clean and healthy. Dirty, starving, and all alone she fell on him, weeping helplessly at finally seeing a human being again.

Bill didn't quite know what to do. He was uncomfortable with people, especially women. It wasn't that he didn't like them; he was embarrassed by his weight. He stifled a grunt as she sunk into him, sobbing.

"There, there...please stop. We're miles from the nearest town, and you must be starving. Calm down and come with me. You can clean up inside, I'll fix you something to eat, and then we can decide what to do when you feel better."

The young woman refused to let go of his burly arm, but allowed him to lead her forward. She slowly calmed down, taking deep breaths and really looking at her savior. She trusted him, somehow. He was a big man - in height and girth. He was dirty from labour, yet she was inexplicitly attracted. She couldn't help but noting how his large belly poured over his much-too-tight work pants.

Seeing her calm down he tried to tuck in his shirt dislodged in the commotion back over his big belly and into his pants. It wouldn't go so he gave up and led her to the front door of his log cabin. He was proud of it, as he had built it himself. Once inside he disentangled himself and pushed her toward the big downstairs bathroom. "You'll find some clothes in there. When you're done, look for me in the kitchen."

Looking at him then down the dark hall she shook her head. "I don't want to!" She was half crouched over, eyes fearful. Seeing him becoming frustrated, she slowly retreated down the hallway, disappearing behind a door.

Watching her until she disappeared into the bathroom he shook his head, wondering what she was so afraid of. "Ah well," he sighed and after getting his shirt finally tucked in, moved heavily into his big kitchen where he started putting a meal together for the two of them. She was a mystery alright. What was such a good looking girl doing way the hell out here? "Good lord," he thought... "and look at me, I'm a slob, jeez." And peering into his reflection in the kitchen window, he tried to pull himself into order.

Darting into the kitchen with one of his large shirts and boxers on, she looked like a child playing dress-up in her daddy's clothing. She hugged him tightly, as far as her arms would reach around him. "Oh thank you so much! I was going crazy out there!" She loved the way he smelt of clean sweat and old soap, and breathed it in deeply.

"Quit that, you're tickling me," he growled, still not reconciled to her presence, even though her arms sinking into his softness felt wonderful, he gently pushed her toward the kitchen table already groaning with food. "Have a seat, I don't know about you, but I'm starving from my wood cutting this morning." He blushed. "I guess I overeat a bit, but I work it off the next day." Jeez, who was he kidding with that line? Clamping his mouth firmly shut and avoiding her eyes he began serving her.

She couldn't help but smile warmly, thinking his blush was charming. "You look like the lumberjacks in all the stories - very powerul," She commented shyly. "By the way...I'm Amanda." She shook his large hand, smiling up at him. "I can't believe your being so nice to a strange girl who was acting all crazy..."

"Hello Amanda," he rumbled "I apologize for my appearance, but I don't get many visitors out here. I'm an artist, and I seem to do my best work while I'm I'm afraid as soon as you finish up eating I'll uncover the Jeep and run you back to town. It's a long and bumpy ride so better rest up." He realized she was still holding his hand, and he fell silent awkwardly.

Amanda's smile faltered even though she tried to keep it. "Oh...I understand." She swallowed awkwardly and released his hand. "Sorry to impose...and there is no need to apologize for your appearance " you look wonderful."

"Thanks, you're being too kind. I know I'm fat, and most people have low tolerance for fat people. You hide your disgust better than most women I meet." His voice was flat, stating the truth as he saw it. He wondered what she meant by "you look wonderful" " was she just happy to see anyone? Or could she actually appreciate his size?

Amanda's eyes widened. "What?" She sounded dumbfounded and kept blinking at him uncertainly. He finished his plate and reached for another as he watched her fumble for words.
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