Chapter 1 - maddie

Here's a short story, not the best but something.

I know this one girl who is about 5'5 who recently dumped her boyfriend. Before she got the boyfriend she was not skinny but not fat she had medium sized breasts flat not toned stomach and a very large bum with thick thighs, she danced which explained most of the weight distribution. She must have been around 135. In the middle of second semester she got a boyfriend. Her boyfriend (now ex) was 2 years older and done with school. He had a part time job which gave him lots of spare time. After she got the boyfriend if barley saw her around school. This was weird to me because if used to see her every lunch eating with her friends. I also used to see her walk home every day sometimes with me and with others. One day if caught up with her on her walk home. I asked her were she had been and why haven't I seen her around. She told me that her boyfriend takes her out to lunch and drives her hoe every day. It made sense, this is why if haven't been seeing her around anymore. I also noticed that her face looked fuller. I couldn't really see a difference in her body considering she was wearing a winter coat and sweat pants (which I had never seen her wear before, usually she wore yoga pants and jeans). Before I knew it winter break was here and I hadn't seen her in weeks at lunch or on my way home.
After winter break I still didn't see her, I wondered where she was considering she was still very social online. Then finally 2 weeks after winter break had ended, I finally saw her in the hall. I barley recognised her. She was wearing a thin long sleeve purple top, sweat pants and her hair in a ponytail. She looked like a different person from the face down. Her face was no way rounder and was supporting a second chin. Her breasts were larger ever so slight pony tail. She looked like a different person from the face down. Her face was no way rounder and was supporting a second chin. Her breasts were larger ever so slightly but her main changed happened in her mid-section area. Her once flat but not toned stomach area was now a full fledge pot belly which jiggled as she walked. Her new belly hung over the waist line of her sweat pants and swung back and forth slightly with every step. I did not have the opportunity to look at her behind but I could still see that her legs were thicker through her sweat pants. She moved quickly in the hall not noticing me, luckily considering I could not stop staring. That was the last time I saw her that semester.
Semester 2 rolled around and since my entire schedule changed so did my walking to class route. Luckily this benefited me. I got to see her in the mornings now as I made my way to my locker. Now every time I enter the school I got to see her. I also got to see her behind. And it grew! The second day of semester 2 I made my way to my locker in the morning. Passing through the busy halls I noticed he at her locker with her face facing the locker. As I passed her I also noticed she was wearing a whit tank top with showed off her back fat and bra lines. As my eyes drifted downward I finally saw it. She was wearing yoga pants with some new weight in them. her but must of added 15 pounds since the last time I had saw her it was now incredibly thick and jutted outward like a shelf. It even jiggled as she moved her arms. Basically the thing was huge!
During the course of the semester I saw her every now and then at her locker. She was still never seen at lunch and on my way home. I mostly saw her from behind. It didn't look like she got any bigger over the course of semester 2, she maybe gained 5 pounds. At this time she still had her boyfriend.
Summer came in and the fall. Fall was the start of school again. I didn't see her around school for the first couple weeks but then I started seeing her more in the halls. Around October (2nd month of school) and khaki pants with a pair of boots. As we were walking I noticed that her pace was way slower and also that she was breathing louder. I also noticed a few other things. Like how her boobs looked the same maybe a tiny bit bigger. Her belly was a different story, her belly jutted out about 4.5 inches past her belt was amazing. Her tight green shirt could barely contain the pale flesh. The fact that she was wearing such a tight shirt did not help. I could clearly see her belly button indentation through her shirt. It was large, wide and deep. Lastly her bum was still very large, it looked extremely confined in her khakis. It looked like she was about to pop the seams in her pants at any second. I was surprised to see how big she had gotten and also I was curious to why she was walking home. She must have been about 170 at this point.
School goes on and I start to see her more and more at lunch. I also notice her mom and sometimes friend driving her home not her boyfriend One day I sit with her at lunch and ask her how she is, she tells me that she has broken up with her boyfriend. She didn't seen that sad instead she seemed the same maybe only a tiny bit sad.
Over the course of the semester I see her at lunch time, one day she was standing up with a group of her friends. While standing beside one of her friends I surveyed their bums. Hers must have been 2 maybe 3 times the size of her friends. I couldn't believe my eyes. Her but was so wide and thick. It was getting to the point where you could almost start to seen through her yoga pants.
The semester went on and I still caught glimpses of her in the halls and at lunch.
Now the other day as I was making my way out of the building if noticed her behind me so I slowed down. As I slowed down thinking she would stop to talk she didn't notice me because she was too distracted with one of her friends. She ended up passing me. I started walking again, in front of me I saw her and her massive rump. It was winter so she was wearing a winter jacket which rode up exposing her generous love handles and small stretch marks. Below that was her colossal bum which was being covered by a pair of thin see through yoga pants. Her yoga pants were being stretched to the Absolut limit! I could see her thong through the pants! Her bum was jiggling at its own pace. After every step it sent a ripple through her butt cheeks. One after another. She walked about 30 meters and then in to her car which lowered quite a lot as she got in. Now she must weigh about 185. And with no attempt to change it.
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