Mall santa

chapter 1

POV changes after each ***

S*** s*** s*** Valerie thought as she rushed through the ridiculously crowded mall.
"I cant believe jack quit either but how is this MY problem alone?" she squawked into her phone at her boss Richard absentmindedly fiddling with a strand of auburn hair.
"It's because I'm not there and you need to step it up. I swear if you dont get me a new santa by the time the north pole opens you can kiss your managerial position with this company good bye."
With that he hung up.
Valerie glanced at her phone. She had fifteen minutes to find a passable santa or shed lose her job.
"Ugghh" she groaned.
Where was she going to find a santa?
"If i were a fatty where would i be?" she asked herself.
Rushing through the midday crowd sje peered around as the escalator went down.
The toy store had parents with screaming babies, the candy store was no better. Suddenly it hit her,
The food court!
"Mommy why is that man so FAT?" a little girl asked as children do, to her snotty looking mother.
"Shh jessie." the mom said to her pulling her away. Not before she looked Wes' porky body up and down with an upturned nose.
He felt himself blush and grabbed his food and went to sit down toward the back of the food court placing his shopping bag at his feet.
11am was a little early to be eating ice cream but after that disaster clothes sshopping wes felt he needed something sweet.
The big and tall store didnt even carry the shirt size needed to cover his overhanging gut. Pants shopping didnt go as bad. But he needed to get a shirt today in the right size to wear for the family dinner tomorrow for christmas.
Wes sighed and tried to avoid the glances in his direction.
'yeah I'm a fat guy eating some ice cream. Stfu' he thought.
Wes grabbed my phone and put in earbuds to keep me occupied. Besides the eating of course. Two cheeseburgers, large fry, and an extra super chocolate milkshake..
The background noise of heels clacking and kids jabbering started to ease away as the music played.
Suddenly the table jostled and he looked up mid burger startled.
This stressed looking girl was sitting across from him talking and guesturing wildly.
"What?" i asked removing the ear buds.
"I will do ANYTHING you want if you help me out the next four hours." she said quickly looking at her phone face.
"Umm. Help with what?" he asked aprehensively with a mouthful of food.
She gave him a little half smile.
"Finish that food up first. Then I'll go into more details."
Wes suddenly realized what a fat pig he probably looked like. Grease on his lips, mouth and handful lr food.
He quickly finished the burger in his hand and wiped his face.
"I had my main employee quit this morning and i need a replacement in ten minutes or I'm getting fired. If you dont have plans i would love your help. Besides $100 for thr day i will do anything you want IF you help me out the next four hours."
He was looking at her curiously. As he should. I'm sure it's not everyday a girl basically offers up anything for four hours of work.
"What would i need to do?" he asked avoiding eye contact.
"Look at me for one." valerie said.
His eyes met hers, a dark blue sky meeting a green glen.
"Smile." she ordered.
He tried, being nervous it was an uneasy smile. But still a nice smile, friendly.
"Laugh." she ordered.
He gave a weak chuckle.
"That'll do til you get used to it. Do we have a deal?" she asked holding out her hand.
He looked at it then at her. Her auburn red hair and freckles made her look mischievous like she would be pulling a prank. But her deep green eyes pulled at him.
She smiled making him blush.
"Alright hurry finish your food and let's go." Valerie said antsy to get to the workshop.
He looked at the rest of thr food. Burger fries and the milkshake.
"It's okay i can get more later." he said sheepishly.
"I insist. Dont waste money. But we gotta hurry. Eat it up real quick so we have time to get ready."
She said in an earnest voice.

She grinned as he started shoveling in the food. Trying to be fast and thorough. She liked a man who could finish a meal.
As he wolfed the food down she sized him up. The santa suit fit everyone she's ever had be a santa. And the biggest was an 8x. But he seemed close enough in size that they may not pull it off.

He sure did have the perfect build though. Big belly that strained against his tshirt and that hung between his legs as he sat, two extra wobbly chins, big rosy cheeks, big baby blue eyes, thick arms, chubby hands, a soft looking chest.
Only thing that distinguished him as not santa was his hair color. A curly black mop of hair sat on top of his head.
She felt a shiver go down her spine as she watched him stuff his face. Maybe IF she played her cards right...
He knew she was watching him as he ate. He knew he looked like a fat hog at feeding time. but she was smiling at him a sweet smile not cruel...
He glanced at her between bites. Her auburn hair was a beautiful shade of red. Dark but light enough you could see the fire in it. Her green eyes surrounded by thick lashes, her boobs were a good size, thick in the waist and hips.
"Alright big boy we gotta get upstairs and changed in five minutes. Lets hussle." she said grabbing his thick hand and leading him up.
He grabbed his bag and shuffled after her quickly.
Valerie led the way noticing how soft and warm his hand was. And how labored his breathing was getting. Luckily they were at the escalators.
They stood on it her being antsy him catching his breath.
"What size clothes do you wear?" she blurted out at him.
He looked at her surprised.
"6xl shirts 56/38 pants." he said waiting for a disgusted look.
She grinned, "perfect." she said.
He looked at her quizzically.
She grabbe his hand to lead him through the crowd. Poor people bouncing off his belly and hips along the way. Valerie unnoticing pulled her phone out.
"Dale! Set out my outfit and the main one i got a replacement for Jack."
As valerie shoved her phone in her pocket wes realized they were by the santa part of the mall.
'oh god' he thought

As they went through the "north pole" and entered a vacant store they were using for changing and breaks Valerie led wes to the changing room. Leaving him to squeeze through multiple doorways.
"Are you f*****g kidding me?!" he half shouted at her as she stopped and handed him the suit.
She looked at him wide eyed.
"You're hilarious. I have to go." he said jerking away from her.
She blocked his path.
"Im not trying to be funny or a b**** or whatever. My santa quit this morning my job is on the line and you're a perfect fit." she said rushedly.
"This isnt to offend you or tease you. It's business. $100 plus whatEVER you want me to do to sit on your ass for four hours and be nice to kids.
Please guy. I'm f***** otherwise and i lose my job."
Wes looked at Valerie. She had her arms up blocking his way. And he looked at the santa suit.
"Ugh i hope it fits cuz santa has nothing red in his bag.".
Valerie smiled and suddenly turned around and stripped her clothes off grabbing at her elf outfit on thre table.
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