Post doctor visit

chapter 1

"hey hun how was the doctor?" Henry asked as I plopped myself down on the loveseat.
"Fine." I said.
"Your tone implies it wasn't fine." He said coming and squeezing in next to me on the cramped loveseat.
"Well he told me how much I weighed." I said somewhat dejectedly.
"Oh? And how much is that?" He asked placing a hand on my large belly and gently rubbing it.
"Four hundred and sixty seven pounds " I said.
His breath caught before he spoke again.
"And does this number surprise you? I mean look at this belly of yours. I can barely fit on the furniture because your belly takes up 90% of it."
He said with a chuckle squeezing the top roll of my belly.
"Well it does a little. I mean our scale here isn't working and I didn't know it had gotten so high." I said.
"Well last time the scale we had could weigh you it was before you hit four hundred. And your clothes barely cover you any more. You couldn't have been THAT shocked." He said with more of a chuckle. Kneading my belly under his hand.
I looked down at myself, then looked at him. Henry was very small compared to me. He was slight with a muscular core. But you wouldn't know that by looking at him.
Why the hell does he stay....
"I'll be back." I said as I huffed to get off the loveseat.
After a couple heaves I made it up and went into the bedroom.
I stood in front of the full length mirror we had and studied myself.
Chubby cheeks, thick triple chin that permanently showed, somewhat large bosom, but ultimately my weight was in my belly.
My pink t-shirt clung to every massive roll and pound I had. My belly started off as a single roll, thick and wide, then sloped inward, causing my belly button to disappear unless I searched for it, then sloped into a larger thicker roll of fat that hung so low you could never tell what undies I was wearing from the front. It was always half encased in my pants, always leaving angry red marks on my skin.
Then further down my butt was huge, and my legs were thick.
I sighed.
"What is it hun?" Henry asked from behind me surprising me.
"I'm just so.."
I paused and he attempted to wrap his arms around me.
"I'm just so." I started.
"So fat, wide, jiggly, huge. You fat piglet. How can you be surprised what the doctor said?" He said his voice changing tones as he caught my gaze in the mirror.
I grinned slightly.
"I just didn't think I weighed so much." I said looking at him facing the mirror as his gaze held my own.
"Didn't think you weighed that much? I'm surprised you don't weigh more! Look at all this lard you have on your hog belly!" He exclaimed wrapping his arms around my fat belly rolls.
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