Pool side chub

chapter 1

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Jessica listened to her bare feet slap against the cement as she walked toward the apartment pool, it had been a rough day at work and she intended to loosen her muscles by swimming in the cool water, and possibly work on her tan.
She plopped her things on the beach chair furthest from everything and then dove in the pool.
She did a couple laps and then lied her towel out on the beach chair, put her sunglasses on and grabbed the book she brought to kill time as she worked on her tan. She relaxed on the beach chair furthest from the pool entrance, easier to people watch.

Jacob waddled toward the pool clutching his towel and apartment key in his hands as he made his way to the pool. He had been scoping it out the last week and a half. This time of day it was usually empty, especially on a Monday. The kids of the apartments usually went up the block to the community pool, and the parents had work the next day and usually waited until the weekend to go swimming. This time of day was usually just the maintenance guy working.
He glanced at the pool, and like he suspected, didn't see anyone. He headed toward the gate and sidestepped to get in. He was so big he had to come through the gate sideways.

Jessica heard footsteps and glanced from her book to see who was coming this way, and her heartbeat quickened. It was the neighbor she had had her eyes on since she ran into him in the laundry room one day. He was very distinguishable from the other neighbors because he was really really large. and she meant LARGE. He was tall and wide, with a big wobbling belly that swayed past the waistband of his pants. His shirts were only two sizes, either tent like over his frame, or tight enough to emphasize every chunk of chub.
She put her book down and tried to remain calm. She didn't want to say or do anything stupid. She relaxed a bit and just lied back onto the beach chair.
She watched as he made his way through the gate of the pool. He paused for a second and then walked in sideways, he was too large to go straight through, and even with going in sideways his belly brushed against the gate.
She squirmed a little, but kept her composure.

Jacob felt heat rising to his face as he realized he was so fat he had to walk in through the gate sideways. He tried to brush it off knowing there wasn't anyone around to witness that slight humiliation.
He headed toward a beach chair, and then paused realizing someone was laying on the far chair. And not just anyone, the hot neighbor, who happened to be wearing a bikini.
He stood there for a moment, heat rising in his face again, but decided to wave to her. After not receiving a wave back he figured she was asleep.
He dropped his towel, keys, and sandals at a chair and went over to the edge of the pool.
He hesitated a moment, glancing back at the bikinied neighbor, but seeing as she hadn't moved he eased himself into the pool with his shirt still on.

Jessica was disappointed that he left his shirt on, but it was tight enough anyway that it getting wet would just emphasize his chub better. She smiled to herself and waited. She wanted to talk to him, but she wanted to wait until the right moment.

Jacob floated around in the pool a little bit and then rested against the edge. He glanced at the neighbor, and then focused on the cool waters.
"Hey Jacob." He heard the voice of the maintenance man greet him.
"Hey Julio, what's up man?" He asked.
"Not much, I was supposed to lock up the pool because there was supposed to be storms soon, ish." Julio said looking at the sky.
"Man that sucks I just got here." Jacob said.
"Well I'll shut it down and leave you the keys, you just lock up when you're done." Julio said.
"Sweet sure thing man. I'll give you the keys tomorrow."
Julio glanced around the pool and saw Jessica.
"Want me to kick her out?" He asked nodding toward her.
"Nah, she's just sleeping, I doubt she'll stay much longer." Jacob said.
Julio dropped a key next to Jacob's things and pulled the second fence closed. This one was a more solid fence, not a chainlink. He also flipped the sign to close and then walked off.
Jacob closed his eyes and floated around the pool, peacefully.

Jessica sat up after Julio left and as Jacob floated around the pool on his back.
She quietly made her way to the pool and dove into the deep end. She swam under the water to the other side of the pool and came up for air. Jacob didn't seem to notice her now in the pool so she swam a few more lengths.
After no notice from Jacob she flipped to doing the backstroke.

Jacob floated around the pool lazily on his back, relaxing, listening to the water flowing around him. He opened his eyes slightly, he looked at his belly floating above the water, his shirt was tight against him, like a second skin.
Suddenly he felt an arm bang into him followed by a head.
"Oh!" The girl exclaimed surprised.
He sat up and looked at her.
She had apparently been backstroking around the pool without him noticing and they just collided.
"I'm so sorry!" She said smiling at him.
"I wasn't paying attention, I got in the 'zone' and wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry for bumping into you!" She said and he noticed the slight flick of her green eyes as she looked him up and down.
He tugged on his t-shirt, self conscious now that she wasn't sleeping in the corner.
"It's okay, I should have been paying attention too. I thought you were still sleeping." He said with a chuckle.
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