Sweeter the berry

chapter 1

Lindsey shyly walked through the main corridor of work, her job was simple, hut demanding. Her scrubs swished together as her thick thighs rubbed together.
As she entered a patient's room workplace hottie met her at the door with a smile.
"I got it Linds. Me and sara are in here."
"Thanks Jacob. I'll get the next one."
She turned around and paused to tie her shoe.
The door of the patient's room was still semi open and Lindsey could hear Jacob and Sara talking as they repositioned the patient.
"Bout time she made it to the room. The light was going off for forever." Sarah said snarkily.
"Lay off Lindsey she's sweet." Jacob said with a laugh.
"Yeah it's all the candy she eats." She said laughing meanly.
Lindsey left the earshot before she could hear more.
Sarah was supposed to be her friend but whatever.
Lindsey started taking residents into the dining room for lunch and began passing drinks and taking orders. Once Jacob and Sara joined they began to feed the residents and chat.
"So how was your date Jacob?" Sara asked him practically green with envy they had had a fling before but broke it off abruptly.
Lindsey looked at Jacob as he blabbed about the crappy blind date.
He was tall, a good 6'3 and was built like a tree, sturdy and thick. He wasn't skinny but wasn't fat. He worked out and it showed especially in his arms. His biceps we're very large, as was his chest. He honestly helped the most at work because he could lift people up.

Lindsey snapped back to it when she heard a light going off.
"Be right back." She said and she left the dining room.

After checking the patient she ambled back to the dining room.
"Puh-lease like she'd be YOUR type, I didnt know whales were your thing." Sarah said laughing.
"Whales aren't my thing. But a girl like Lindsey, nice, sweet, not full of crap. That's the kinda girl I need."
"Too bad she's a porker huh?" Sarah laughed.
Lindsey sidestepped the dining room and went into the bathroom before she cried.
Jacob was her friend and yeah he was hot but she didn't like him that way. But hearing them talk like that hurt her.

She looked herself over in the mirror.
Her curly Chestnut hair was falling into her chubby face. Her brown eyes were watery from holding back tears.
Well Jacob and Sara aren't wrong she is a whale. Tipping the scales at almost 300 pounds her scrubs were getting tighter on her. Her face was pretty chubby, especially with her wobbly double chin. Her tits were huge which balanced out her enormous ass. But her huge double belly and thick thighs made her fat evenly distributed over her supersized body.
She took a couple deep breaths and left the bathroom and went back to the dining room.
"Hey Lindsey you want any of the leftover food? The casserole is pretty good." Jacob offered.
"Nah I'm good." She said sitting back down as the chair squeaked beneath her.
"The mixed berry muffins are good. Here." He said tossing her one.
She absentmindedly took a bite.
Jacob and Sara are one too.
"What kind of berries are in these again?" Sara asked.
"Who cares toss me another." Lindsey said giggling.
Sarah smirked and tossed Lindsey another muffin.
"I second that. They used nice plump berries too. The bigger the berries the sweeter the juice." Jacob said taking a big bite and winking at Lindsey.
Lindsey choked on the bite of muffin she had. She felt herself blush embarrassed of his action, especially since he thought she was a fat oinker like sara did.
"Miss Lindsey, I want to lay down." Her resident told her.
"Let's go honey."

After Lindsey laid the resident down she went to the linen closet to get her a new blanket. She went in tsking at the size of the closet. Her hips barely fit between the two shelf sets on either side of the closet.
She went to the back of it to grab a blanket.
The door opened and Jacob entered.
"Heeyy Linds."
"Hey Jacob. You need something from this side?" She asked knowing she'd either have to hand it to him or back up against the wall.
"Yeah but I'll get it." He said raising an eyebrow at her.
She backed herself against the wall as he got closer to the linen he needed. Which was right in front of her.
"I can get out of your way, it's kinda a tight squeeze." She said blushing.
He got closer until he was pressed against her reaching above her head for a blanket.
His hard body pressed into her big soft one.
"It is a tight squeeze. Is the room smaller than I remember?" He asked in a couple voice looking down at her pressing slightly more into her.
"Haha no, I'm probably bigger." She said with a forced laugh.
He raised a hand from his side and traced the side of her body with it. Slowly going over the side of her thigh, her bottom belly roll, her thick muffin top, and stopped at her doughy elbow.
"Well like I said, the bigger the berries..."
He paused and looked at her face licking his lips and brought his hand to her chubby face holding it in his hand.
"The sweeter the juice."
Lindsey could feel herself.getting wet in her panties, felt her face flushing red, she gulped, "um."
Jacob chuckled.
"How about we get together tonight big girl? You, me, movies at my place?"
"Uhm, can I go home and shower first? Work makes us all icky." She said not believing what he was saying.
"I have a shower at my place, we can conserve water and take one together." He said as he brushed the side of her face with his thumb.
She closed her eyes enjoying the touch.
"I'll drive, just go to my car after work princess." He said.
He grabbed the blanket and then left the linen closet leaving her to figure out what the hell just happened.
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