Movie munchies

chapter 1

"Ugh are you KIDDING me?" she grumbled as she tried to pull the pants she was trying on over her hips and belly.
"What?" Her friend on the other side of the dressing room asked.
"It doesn't fit. I must have gained a TON of weight because all the 2x aren't fitting and the 3x are tight." She said still wrestling with the pants.
"The 2x fit me fine here. Maybe it's the brand." Her friend said.
"Whatever, grab me the next size up would you?" She asked tossing the pants over the top of the dressing room door.
"Yeah lemme look and see what they got."

As she waited for her friend to return with a bigger size of pants Patricia looked at herself in the mirror.
She was wearing one of her usual t-shirts and her sexy stretchy panties.
Now that she was looking she could see extra dimples in her upper arms, and legs, and butt. And her belly was hanging lower than it used to.
She grabbed at her bottom roll with her hand, it felt bigger than it had a couple months prior.
And her hips were wider.
And her double chin was way more prominent, almost a triple chin.
She looked at herself in the mirror and bounced around a little bit on her toes.
Her belly jiggled and wobbled more than it did before.
It sloshed around for at least 15 seconds after she stopped bouncing.
She shrugged it off as her friend tossed another pair of pants over the dressing room door.
Patricia looked at the tag on the pants before putting her foot in the hole.
It was a 4x.
She pulled them up over her hips.
Finally a comfortable pair of pants.
"Success!" She cheered as she opened the door to model them for her friend.
"Good, now let's hurry up."
"Do you have all the clothes you want?" Patricia asked her friend.
"Yeah, I'm ready to get to the movie theater."
"Alright go pay for your stuff and I'll be out in a sec."

Patricia quickly dressed in her own clothes and joined her friend in line.
Out of the two her friend had always worn the bigger sizes, had the most weight on them, and ate more.
But as they stood in line and gabbed Patricia noticed that her friends tags were a size 2x, not 4x, not even a 3x.

"I'm so excited for this movie. You go get the tickets and I'll get the snacks yeah?" Patricia said to her friend.
"Sounds good."
Patricia went to the snack line as her friend went to get tickets.
She perused the snack items listed on the menu as she waited for her friend to join her.
"I'd like two large sodas, the jumbo popcorn, one pack of mms, one pack of junior mints, a pretzel, and some nachos." She said getting their usual movie snackage, but with a bit extra popcorn.
The girl behind the counter glanced at Patricias belly pressing against the snack counter as she rang up her order, and she heard a snicker behind her.
She ignored them and grabbed the straws and napkins.
Her friend joined right when it was time to carry everything away.
"We got the last tickets, hopefully everyone else is still getting snacks and junk. Let's go get our spots."

They hurried to the movie screening and groaned a little bit. The place was pretty packed.
"There's a couple spots toward the side, let's go."
Patricia led the way as they made their way to the two open spots. Patricia squeezed her way between a row of people before getting the empty spot.
Her butt pressed against each chair and her thick legs jiggled with each slide step. her belly pressed into almost everyone she had to pass.
"Excuse me." She said blushing.
She finally reached the empty seat, placing her friend on one side and a strange guy on the other side of her.
"Are these seats taken?" She asked as she glanced at him while turning to sit in the chair.
"Nope feel free to squeeze in." He said to her.
She smiled as she wedged herself into the movie theater seat.
She really did have to squeeze in. Her thighs pressed together and her hips and love handles pressed against each side of the chair.
Her side fat lapped on the arm rests slightly.
She tried to compensate by bringing her elbows in close to her sides.
She doled the snacks out and began eating the popcorn out of the jumbo bucket after her friend declined it.
"That's a lot of popcorn." The guy next to her said eyeing her and the popcorn bucket.
"My friend and i are sharing," She said munching on another bite.
"Looks like it." He said with a smirk.
she raised an eyebrow at him and ate another bite.
"i'm david." he said to her.
"patty." she said.
He just grinned and looked at her popcorn.
She ignored him but kept noticing he kept eyeing her.
Finally the lights went dark and the movie started.

Patricia grabbed the pretzel and started eating that. She felt some movement next to her and then heard in her ear, "Keep eating it little piggy, you are such a sexy piglet. If you finish all the food you bought, I will show you a night you'll never forget."
She turned to look at David.
He had a devilish look in his eye, and he held a pinky finger up.
She giggled and hooked her pinky in his.

She ate her jumbo pretzel in about six bites, loving the buttery salty taste in each bite, dunking it into the cheese dip they provided.
"Slow down piggy, you have some cheese on your chin." she heard him say.
She absentmindedly wiped her chin and took another bite.
"no your other chin." he said with a grin.
She wiped at her chin again taking a gulp of soda.
"no, your OTHER chin." he said.
She wiped her chin a third time and heard him chuckle..
"Sh*t Patty, my kids puking at the babysitter, can your sister pick you up of i leave?" her friend whispered at her.
"yeah ill be good give tommy my love." patricia said.
her friend left leaving patricia with all the food.
"alright piggy, are you okay if i lean up and touch you?" david whispered.
She looked at him and in the light of the movie she nodded.
David leaned up and ran his hand along her fat roll resting on his arm rest.
"you are so fat piggy, you're spilling over onto my side. your big juicy rolls are stacked one on top of the other like a tube of biscuits. keep shoveling that popcorn into your greedy little piglet mouth and make them thicker."
His touch was a sexy caressing grab at her flesh, a touch warming her side, making her rolls warm up.
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