chapter 1

"Honey I'm sorry but I can't risk it. It's at the point where anything could throw my back out again and then we would really be in trouble. So until I'm cleared by the doctor, no sex, no blowies, no anal. I know how intense my orgasms are and I know how kinky you are, we can't risk it."
I pouted at my husband, but i knew that he was right. He already worked a strenuous job at the quarry working with heavy machinery. He had been off work for 8 months recovering from corrective surgery, had three herniated discs repaired, it's a miracle the surgery even worked, if it got fucked up again he'd be out of a job.
But damn.
it's been close to a year and I haven't gotten any, and considering how fucking hot he is it makes day to day torture.
"But i have a proposal."
I looked at him curiously, his big blue eyes shining with mischief.
"I know how much you are yearning for sex, and that I can't provide it for at least another six weeks. What if you took this chance to do some experimenting?"
"experimenting?" I echoed.
"For six weeks, have some fun, act like you aren't married. You're single and ready to fuck anyone you deem worthy. I won't get mad, or hold anything against you, or get jealous. Hell once I fully recover and can ***r brains out myself you can have a hall pass person."
"And what would you be getting out of this?" I asked him with a laugh.
"Nothing. Just a satisfied wife. I feel shitty not being able to fulfill your carnal desires at the moment. And this could be a way to make up for it. I only ask, that if you ever had a surgery or are unable to provide services to me, that you remember this."
I looked him over. Morally I would feel bad, but sexually, damn. I needed some dick.
Plus there are some new experiences I'd like to try. Jacob was never into getting chunky or feeding, and I've always wanted to bang a fatty, to get lost in softness and rolls.
I looked at him, his tshirt clinging to his gym sculpted stomach and muscly arms.
"Okay." I said.

The next day I dressed in a tight white dress with a good push up bra that accented my features and a pair of sexy matching panties, and went out on the town to find someone to fulfill my fantasies with.
I didn't know where to start at, so I moseyed around the mall for a little bit. Saw a couple of potentials, about 250 pounders, but that wasn't big enough. I wanted someone i could completely get lost in.
After awhile I got tired and hungry, and the little food shops at the mall weren't cutting it. BBQ sounded good so I went to a joint in downtown.
It was a kind of popular place, busy but not packed full.
There were some people at the bar already watching the game.
People were at tables around the inside.
I ordered my food and sat a bit in the center of the room.
As I waited for them to bring me my food, I saw him.
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