Matt and jess

  By TCC

Chapter 1 - matt and jess part 1

"You're just friends," Matt chanted to himself, as he gripped the steering wheel of his truck. He was going to Jess' birthday party. They had been friends for a while and his crush on her only grew with time. "You're coming right?" she had asked him a few days before, several times even. He couldn't bring himself to believe she meant the invitation to be more than an invite, but he wished it was.

She was short, 5"4 at most, and had a fit body. Her auburn hair worn long and taken care of. Her eyes were brown, but they were the richest brown he'd ever seen and he could not believe she was single. He saw guys ask her out all the time, but she always cute-sily declined. He glanced down at the present he had his little sister wrap for him. Jess loved purple and polka dots, so naturally, those were his selections for the wrapping.

He pulled up to her sorority and took a deep breath. He grabbed the package and hauled himself out of his truck. He pulled at his black tee shirt and fixed his khaki cargo shorts. "This was a bad idea," he thought.

He walked up the lawn of the obnoxiously green house and stepped inside. The party was in full swing and when he entered he left his ability to hear at the door. He felt awkward standing in the foyer with a girly looking box in his hands and wondered where Jess was. He suddenly felt two hands wrapping around, or at least trying to, his stomach. He sucked it in as best he could and pulled the small and soft hands off. He turned around and saw Jess standing their grinning up at him.

"Matty," she squealed. "You came!" She fell into a hug again and Matt returned it with the one hand he had available.

"Hey Jess," he said. She noticed the gift and her grin intensified.

"You got me something!?"

"Wasn't I supposed to?"

"Well, I didn't expect anyone to get me something. And no one did...but you that is."

"Great. Now I'm that guy," Matt said, annoyed at himself.

"No it's really sweet Matty," she said smiling. "Here. Follow me." She began cutting through the crowd with grace. He tried to follow her but he needed double the space she did. He ended up accidentally hitting this one girl, spilling her drink onto the floor and having "watch out fat @$$!" yelled at hi. He apologized and kept following, until he realized he couldn't see her anymore.

"Matty!" He looked up to the stairs and saw Jess standing there. He made his way there and she pulled him to her room. She sat him down on bed and stumbled a little trying to sit herself. She was a little drunk, he guessed. "I'm so excited," she slurred, slightly. She began opening it and when she saw what was inside she gasped. She pulled out another similarly wrapped box. She gave Matt a look and he blushed. She ripped off the paper and opened the other box and pulled out a crystal studded sliver necklace. She had pointed it out once to him and he could tell by the look in her eye how much she wanted it. He got it for a much cheaper price because he had connections, but she didn't have to know that. "I don't know what to say," she said looking at it mesmerized.

Matt shrugged. "You don't have to say anything."

"Thanks Matt," she said, leaning forward and giving him a quick kiss. His jaw was left dropped open. Now he didn't know what to say. He didn't have to think long because his stomach gave an ice-breaking growl, both metaphorically and literally.

"Oh wow! Someone's belly is hungry," she giggled, putting her hand on his soft belly and giving it a little squeeze. She smiled at him and looked to the door briefly. "I'll be right back wait here. Ok?"

"Uh, ok," Matt said. She hurried out and he looked down at his stomach with disdain. He was 6"3 and 275 lbs. and even with his muscle mass, he was not safe from having a soft and round middle, a chubby chest, love handles, stretch marks, and a slight double chin. He was fat and he knew it. He could go to the gym for hours and still be fat. So, he eventually gave up and accepted it , or at least tried to. But when it came to being around girls he hated it. He wasn't Jess' BF...F because he wasn't the boyfriend type. It was because he had a 42 inch waist and showed no effort in changing that. He sighed and felt his shorts pinch at his waist. "Perfect," he thought.

The door opened and his friend Kevin stumbled in. "Fat Matt?" The nickname no longer phased him.


"Nothing much. I saw you were in here with Jess... but now she's not. I guess it didn't work out huh?"

"I don't know yet. She's coming back."

"Oh alright. Don't let her get away man. I know since you've gained some more weight you're not feeling too hot, but I personally asked," he paused a second. "What is his name? The gay guy...Ray! I um asked Ray if you were attractive and he game me two dicks up... I mean thumbs! I'm sorry. I'm so...drunk!"

"It's alright man, but thanks. I'll do what I can. But i got low hopes."

"Sleep with her; after that, she's all your's. I heard chicks love sleeping with fa-...I mean bigger guys. It's like a stuffed animal or something. That's how Chris Anders ended up with Monica Middler. She got hammered and he went in for the kill. She worships that guy, gut and all."

"That's encouraging," he said sincerely.

"Are you being sarcastic?" he asked sounding angry.

"No. I'm serious. Thanks for that man."

"Oh totally. I'm heading out. I'll see you around man."

"Alright man," Matt called after him. He heard Kevin talking to Jess outside the room.

"What's all that for?" he asked.

"It's for me and Matt," she said defensively.

"Alright, alright. You gonna do you. Then you can do my boy Matt."

"Kevin," she laughed awkwardly. He laughed and continued down the stairs.

Jess pushed through the door, her arms holding a box of pizza with a six pack balancing on top and a plate with cookies and brownies. He suddenly felt nervous. Now he had to politely eat in front of her without her thinking he was a total slob. But his stomach growled despite his thoughts. He put his hand to it and gave it a purposeful rub. She sat the box on the bed and smiled at him. She cracked open a beer and handed it to him.
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GrowingLoveH... 8 months
I like this story. It’s sweet. He’s sweet. She’s sweet. If only the whole world were this sweet!

And I’ve got a sweet tooth literally and metaphorically. You write well.
Littleextra 11 months
I really liked this one! You have that knack of catching where the reader's mind is about to go next, then bouncing them on to the next fun interaction which I love! smiley
TCC 11 years
I lost the drive for this one :/ but i think it can stand if i stop here. I'll put up more stuff soon if you all care lol
Fatmandu 12 years
Really liked it; you have good storytelling sense! There are a few rough edges, obviously, but nothing that wouldn't work itself out with practice. And you should definitely keep practicing. =)
TCC 12 years
thanks so much guys. It's just something i banged out in a couple of study halls. I have about the same amount already type it
FrecherTyp 12 years
ohh my that was sooo sweet i hope you continue ^^
TCC 12 years
I would really like feedback whatever it is even if its "too long didn't read" lol