Max and jane

Chapter 1 - max and jane

This story contains weight gain, overeating, and that kind of stuff. if you don't like it, please don't read it. This is also something I'm writing to try and get my brain back into the writing mood, it won't be my best work, its just to help me get back to writing the good stuff.

It was at the beginning of college that Max and Jane had met. Max was a very pampered boy from a rich family. He has never had to work hard for anything in his life. He went to a series of private schools that where all owned by his parents. The teachers in these schools would never give him a bad grade for fear of upsetting his parents.

His parents where very lose with him, and never punished him. He never had to learn to take responsibility for his actions. He was never short on friends, but that was just because of his habit of going partying all the time.

That was how he met jane. She had come from a from a rich family who had adopted her. THey had only adopted her to make a prize child, one that they could show off to all of their rich associates.

For this reason she was treated much more like a prize pet then an child. The young child was put through intense training programs. To make her smart and athletic, she was never allowed a life of her own. She tried to escape many times, she never succeed.

Once she reached college her parents assumed she was broken enough to send her with minimal watch without any problems. However Jane had every intent to break as many rules as she could while in college, which is what led her to that party.

When the two met max used his natural charm and wit to gain her trust. When he found out about her past, he thought of that she would be perfect to use, to be his new toy for a while.

As college went on he found her hard to bring to his side willingly. It took four years, but he eventually managed to worm his way into her trust. And convinced her to come stay with him once college was done. This is the way she ended up going to live with him that day.

Jane drove up to his apartment, fully believing that this would be the way to her new life, however she did not know the truth of what he had planed for this innocent women.

Max giggled as he saw her approach through the window, this was to be his first big toy catch, one that he could keep and no one would ever find. He had figured out who her parents where, and knew his parents had them hired, so they could keep them out of the way.

As this athletic girl walked through the door, he knocked her out with a bat, and dragged her downstairs, to put her in a room specially designed for his plans.

Hours later she awoke to a dark room, barely having any light in it she couldn't see what was around her. Using a fake voice so she couldn't tell who it was box Max said, "if you ever want to leave this place you must do what i say."

The scared girl nodded as the controlling boy said, "just eat everything that comes before you and await further instruction."

A tray of pancakes appeared before her and she had no choice but to eat it. That is all her life became, a endless stream of food. Having no passage of time to tell, she couldn't know what day or even what time of day it was.

Eventually she noticed the inevitable growth of her stomach as fat built up on her body. Eventually as it continued to grow jane began to like it, as she had nothing else to keep her company. Eventually to the point it began to turn her on, this is the point that while she was asleep max began to play with her fat, as that was his goal all along. To have a ton of fat all over anthers body, without the responsibility of treating that person like anything more then a toy, Now that he had it, he couldn't ask for anything more
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