Mirror opposites - pound for pound

chapter 1

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Hope you all are well! This latest story is a long one, I'll be posting a few chapters a week until it's complete. Big shout out to Soaddicted who commissioned this, let me know if you would like to do something similar.

With leaves swirling in the chilly autumn breeze, Tom Bedford plopped into his beaten-up old Civic and smiled. He looked around the lot of his musty apartment complex with the satisfaction he'd never again endure this place. The day was bright, air smelling of wood fires. It was a cheery scene that matched how Tom felt.

“I can’t believe it’s happening after all these years…” Tom sighed to himself, “I finally worked up the courage.”

Tom got one last look at the decrepit brick building, shook his head, and creaked his overloaded car into gear. He made it to the highway and out of the city with a smile glued to his face. As apartment complexes faded away to single-family homes and farms, Tom couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Two weeks before, he had confessed his feelings to his longtime friend, Alyssa.

‘Time to pamper my princess,’ Tom thought happily, his hand lazily trailing the wind outside his rolled down driver window, ‘her king has finally arrived!’

Over the past five years, Tom had waited. He and Alyssa had been good friends since sophomore year of college, and since graduating had become even closer as they both began tackling the world. Tom knew that in these cases feelings like his were not typically reciprocated, and he might end up throwing away their friendship entirely. Many sleep drained, loveless nights of thought later, Tom couldn’t take another day. He confessed in a drunken rant and to his absolute shock Alyssa responded in kind! They were over the moon, ready to move in together, there was just one two hundred and fifty pound problem. Brakes a thousand miles past replacement screeched as Tom came to a halt in the gravel driveway. The ‘problem’ came out waddling, scowl practically welded on above folded flabby arms.

“Oh, hello Jasmine,” Tom croaked, not hiding his lack of enthusiasm. Jasmine was Alyssa’s younger sister, and wasn’t shy about her dislike of him. The two sisters shared the house together, and though they were only separated in age by a year they were far apart in terms of weight. Alyssa was a toned, athletic 150 pounds, at nearly six foot. She towered over Tom at his modest height of 5’9, and with defined muscles and dedication to her workout regimen, Tom often felt like he was dating Wonder Woman. Jasmin was just as tall, but where Alyssa had a six pack Jasmin had the whole keg. She was a full hundred pounds heavier than her sister, gut pooching out over her too tight yoga pants, thunder thighs stretching the fabric so little was left to the imagination. Jasmin was wide all over, from her hips to her bust, even her face was puffy and cherubic. The younger sister looked combative this morning, but Tom wasn’t going to let her ruin his good mood.

“How are you doing?”

“Starving,” Jasmine spat, a sneer joining with her glare, “on another useless diet that makes me miserable.”

Tom blinked, still surprised at the younger sister's terrible manners and attitude. Didn’t she know how much easier it would be to lose those pounds if she moved that fat butt? In the years he had known her Tom thought she was equally full of excuses as well as lard. He wasn’t sure if she ever left the couch! Tom was about to deliver that line to Jasmine when he heard the front screen door open. He looked up, saw his Amazonian princess running toward him in a flowing silky nightdress, and grinned.

Life was going to be good.
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MrSlob1919 1 year
Very hot story, if only there was greater focus on how much thinner Janice was becoming.
Bubblereader 1 year
Great story! Loved it as much as I hated Jasmine and Anice)) Jasmine was a fat bitch and is a thin bitch now, doesn’t matter. Anice never loved Tom, I don’t believe it.
Kjdfduhfjdf 1 year
I love this story and I can't wait for more haha. I'd like also another story with a similar please. I beg you.
Kexickus 2 years
This is the best FFA feeding story I've read yet.
Kyzarburner 2 years
Thank you ❤️
Shammyboy 2 years
Jasmine relapse let's go!
Growingsofter 2 years
More please
11fu22fu 2 years
Update is good too
Angelhoney 2 years
this story is one of the best you’ve written
Kyzarburner 2 years
Gosh thank you!!
Stevita 2 years
Another great story! Hope there will be more, I would love to see Tom tag-team stuffed by Anice and Jasmine!
Xandercroft 2 years
Hawt hot story. 🙏
Ifmusicbe3 2 years
This is outstanding
Garfield 2 years
I love the story and I would so much like to be in Tom's place. But I'm even more interested in how skinny Jasmine will be. Maybe Anice likes her extremely thin as a contrast to Tom?
Growingsofter 2 years
More please
Kyzarburner 2 years
Thank you everyone!! All the support and kind words are everything. I usually post a chapter a day, and will edit and add to chapters that need more filling out. Hope you enjoy!
FaireShade 2 years
Omg I'm obsessed with this when's the next chapter????
11fu22fu 2 years
Good start! Hopefully more is on the way
11fu22fu 2 years
Good start! Hopefully more is on the way
Growingsofter 2 years
Love it. More please.
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