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Chapter 1 - early life

I never thought about gaining weight in my life. As a child, I was pretty active. I was know as the tall and skinny kid. I joined the soccer team in junior high and that made me pretty skinny some muscle. Around that time, I was 5'9 and 124 lbs.
in my high school years, I also joined the soccer team and also tried out for the basketball team. It was going great. I was building so muscle and I also met my future wife by joining the basketball team. She was a cheerleader and after every practice I'd usually go and flirt a little bit with her.
We both went to the same university. I tried out for the sports teams but I wasn't able to get into any but I went to the gym there often. I got a little taller by then. I reached my max height, 6'4, and weighed 152 lbs.
However, working out in the gym wasn't enough to help my stay skinny. I gained a few pounds and reached to 158 lbs.
My girlfriend and I graduated college and I soon proposed to her. We got married a couple of weeks later.
We both moved into our new home together and we got well payed jobs. My wife always cooked in the house. She didn't let me touch the kitchen unless I was grabbing a snack or a drink. If she made salad for dinner, we'd have a batch of cookies for desert. If we had steak, we would just have a light fruit smoothie. She balanced our diet.
Soon, my job kept me busier. I came home earlier and I couldn't get home for dinner or I had to skip breakfast so I had to get some fast food because it was, well, faster. Because if this, I gained a little more weight. I was now 162 by the end of the month (it is now November) I knew the holidays were coming up so I decided that I needed to make some time to workout.
That didn't go so well because I never really had time to actually workout. Around mid-November, I got off work early and went to the kitchen to see my wife. She cooked two bowls of spaghetti. I missed my wife's cooking. They were always so good. As I sat down, my pants got a little tight, so I unbuttoned them. My belly slowly slid down and bring my shirt up. My belly was bulging. I didn't even realize until my wife mentioned something.
"Wow honey look at you. You've grown quite a bit."
I looked down. "Ya I have haven't I."
My wife started playing with it. "Maybe we can grow this bad boy a little bit. What do you say."
I looked at her in confusion. I didn't understand. When? Where? How? I asked her all these questions.
She patted my belly. "It'll be like a little fun project," she said. "Please for me."
I couldn't say no to her. As I nodded my head, my wife went straight to the computer to find some new recipes for me. I didn't really realize what was gonna happen. Was I really going to gain weight. I never really thought anyone appreciated that. At that point, a new chapter in my life began.
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