The former baseball player

Chapter 1 - new obsession

Chris just hit his final home run at college and returned home after a great celebration for his team's victory. His girlfriend, Jessie, was already at home cooking up a celebration feast for her boyfriend.

"Welcome home Chris," Jessie said excitedly to her newly graduated boyfriend.
"Hey Jessie!" Chris hugged Jessie and held her in the air and gave her a few kisses on the cheek.
"Guess what I made?" Jessie asked.
"You made me homemade pizza, didn't you?" Chris smiled.
"Of course I did! Dig in, it's all yours! I made two of them, and if you're still hungry I have a third one that is still in the oven, if you still have enough room for it."
"Thanks, Jessie."
"If you'll need me, I'll be working on my school science fair project."
Chris smirked.
"Not all of us have graduated yet, meanie!" Jessie complained to Chris as she slowly walked to the den.
Finally. Done with baseball Chris thought. He could stay at home as long as wanted, until Jessie would would want to go out and have fun. He could just sleep in, eat Jessie's amazing food, and watch TV. Things were going to go great for him.

Chris took his first bite into the warm cheesy pizza slice. He devoured the slice continued on with the rest of the pizza. He finished the second one as well and patted his stomach. He decided to not eat the third pizza pie, so went to his bedroom.

Chris decided to check up on his fantasy football team that he played with his friends. He usually just typed ff on the google search and it would show up, but for some reason, this time something else showed up.
"Fantasy Feeder..." he read. Chris clicked the link and there he saw it. He saw what he wanted to become. Fat. He was examining the website. He read some stories, saw some picture and videos, and scrolled through the gainer entries. It was then clear. Chris knew what he wanted to do from now on. He wanted to gain weight. He wanted to have adorable moobs sitting on top his round squishy belly. He wanted to have his fat burst out of clothes he would wear. He wanted to wear tight shirts, so every layer would be visible. Chris wanted to be fat. He went back to the kitchen and devoured the third pizza and scoured the house for some treats. He began to search on google ways he could gain weight and how much calories he should eat a day. He decided to go to the grocery store to buy some treats. He bought chocolate, cake mix, doughnuts, and other delicious sweets to create a perfect belly; however, something hit him. He just thought about what his girlfriend would think. He decided that he should be honest with her and tell her the truth about his new dream to gain.
When Chris arrived home, he was trying to find a place he could hide all his sweets.
"Hi Chris," Jessie said.
Chris paused as he put his treats inside a drawer in his room. "Hey Jessie..."
"Do you mind telling me what fantasy feeder is?" Jessie asked as she opened up the web browser on Chris's computer.
"It's... uh-" Chris blushed.
Jessie smiled. "Dude! Don't be so embarrassed. I'll help you out with this obsession of yours."
"What? Really?" Chris asked.
"Of course! I love you Chris, and I want to make sure you're happy! You won't be happy unless you're not showing who you are. If you want to be fat, I'll help you out!"
Chris ran and hugged Jessie.
"Alright, let's see," Jessie said as she looked through Chris's groceries. "I think I know a perfect recipe to make."
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Really liked this pleeeaaassseeeee make moreee
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hehe simple but nice ^^