Unexpected weight

chapter 1 - the arrival

Hey guys! This is my new story, and I'm open to any suggestions! I want this story to be a lot of fun to read, so give me some details on what I should include. Now, let's jump into the story!

After a long train ride from college, Daniel and Ryan finally arrived to Uncle's house. Daniel and Ryan were both roomies in college, and they soon became great friends, which is why Ryan asked Daniel to stay with him at his uncle's mansion for a while. With an opportunity to live in a mansion, how could one possibly say no?
Finally, the two men arrived at the mansion. Ryan rang the doorbell.
"Ahh, Ryan! So good to see you again!" Uncle said.
"Nice to see you too Uncle Julian!" The two hugged.
Julian looked at Daniel. "You must be Daniel. Ryan has been telling me about you." He shook Daniel's hand. "Please come in you two. You guys must be famished after that train ride!"
As the two walked in, they were greeted by another woman. "Boys, this is Jennifer, my fiance,' Julian said.
The three exchanged greetings.
"The food will ready shortly, but first you must tell us about your time in college!"
Ryan and Daniel both talked about their classes and their studies. They also talked about their friends, Ryan's club, and some on and off weight that they managed to burn off.
The food was finally ready. Julian had a hamburger, and Jennifer had some pasta. Both Ryan and Daniel had some tacos, and they were the best tacos they've eaten. Julian laughed when he say their reaction to the tacos. "Would you two like more?" He asked.
Ryan and Daniel nodded, and they were treated with seconds. "Don't eat too much gentlemen! Save some room for desert."
After their second serving, desert was served. A big chocolate cake with frosting. Everyone was given a moderate slice; however Ryan, after finishing what was on his plate, took another slice that was bigger than the last. Daniel refrained himself from doing so. After dinner, everyone had some tea, and it was now time for Julian to talk about what he's been doing the past few years. He said nothing really exciting happened until he met Jennifer three years ago. He depicted it as love at first sight, while Jennifer couldn't help herself but to giggle at the story. While explaining the story, Julian got a little flirty and teased Jennifer quite a bit, which made Ryan and Daniel a little uncomfortable, so they excused themselves. A butler (Ryan and Daniel were shocked to find out Julian had one) showed them their rooms. As Ryan walked in his room, he found a king sized bed, a flat screen TV, both retro and modern games, and a mini fridge. He was loving his room! He was going to have some fun...!
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MangaBL 7 years
Please countied
Feedfig 8 years
I love the hint at the future at the end of ch 5! Haha. I can't decide if Daniel/Ryan or Ryan/Lucy or what? I'm hoping the friends become more, but as long as they get fatter then its great!!
Jens01 8 years
very good more please