The life of a millionaire

Chapter 1 - staying with dad

"Finally! We're off college!" Max yelled.
"Now we have no struggles! We're free for now!" Sam replied.
Sam and Max have been waiting for the day they graduated from college and they finally did!
They both went o a local bar, They both ordered a beer and watched TV in the meantime. It was talking about that some rich millionaire just bought the rights to the annual festival that goes on in LA. News Reporters interviewed him in front of his house, and they said his name was Jack Hayes.
The twins' eyes widened. "Dad!" They both said. The twins ran out the bar and headed for the familiar mansion that was a block away from their college. They never saw their dad after their parents were divorced. Their mom never told them where he lived, but since their mom died and they're old enough to make their own choices, Max and Sam decided to head on over to their old man's house.
Max knocked on the door, and his dad opened it. He remembered them. It's been about seven years since the divorce so it was a nice small family reunion.
Jack was so excited. He ordered his caterers to make a feast for the two as a thank you to Max and Sam for seeing him.
Finally, dinner was ready, and the twins didn't know where to start. Max grabbed a chicken leg and devoured it quickly and the same with Max. There were so many different dishes on the table and they were gone in seconds.On came dessert, and that was done as well shortly. The twins loved the food so much. Right when they were about to get up and leave, Max had an idea.
"Dad, we just graduated college and we have nowhere to go... Is it alright if we crash here with you for a while?"
"Of course it is! You guys are my kids! There are two guest bedrooms down the hall. You guys can sleep there." Jack replied.
The twins thanked him a lot. Max grabbed another cupcake before heading out to his room. He could get used to this life. He didn't know why his mom would ever want to divorce him. He had fame, money, and was very kind! But that's a mystery to solve another day. Right now, all Max wanted to do was enjoy himself.

< br>Hello everyone! This story is inspired by BellyButtonKing's story "A Summer With Uncle Joe." The Beginning is similar, but I have a lot of different ideas and the characters' personalities are a lot different! Please give me a lot of constructive criticism and your ideas for future chapters. I really enjoyed writing this and I want this story to continue for a while! Anyways, thanks for reading!
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Aquarius64 6 years
I’m sorry, I didn’t enjoy this story. I could only get as far as chapter six. It is too disjointed. That might be because you took such big breaks in between writing chapters and this had interrupted your flow of ideas.
I usually write a short story in a
Maximj 8 years
Great story!
Maximj 8 years
Great story!
Swa 8 years
Please continue, great story!
Jens01 8 years
a new food competition, yes all for max ..........
Jens01 8 years
yes max a sexy winner smiley make max drunk.....and horny
Chub41ub 8 years
It's a great start & I like where things are going, but I must agree with Slmbalato- the constant name & role changing was really confusing & the flip-flopping between past & present tense made my head spin. Once you get some editing down, this story can
Jens01 8 years
yes more food and beer allday please .....soo good for sexy boys
Nathel112 8 years
It's great can't wait for more!!